Mark Zuckerberg Is Becoming The Father Of A Baby Girl

The CEO of the biggest social networking website, Facebook, Mark Zukarbarg is becoming father of a baby girl soon. On Friday he declared this great news to his entire follower on facebook.  Mark Zukarbarg married his long time friend Priscilla Chan on 2012. She is a doctor in her profession. They were living a very happy married life and the news of upcoming baby, has added a new dimension to their happy marriage life and also a great part to their life too.

The more astonishing news is that, Mark demanded that, their unborn baby girl gave “LIKE” from her mother’s womb!  He said that, from the ultrasound, he got a scene that, his baby is giving thumbs up act, which is the symbol of liking on post of facebook. However, it is certainly wonderful news for the whole facebook user that, the upcoming heir of Mark Zukarbarg, as well as the facebook, is already a great fan of her father’s dream and facebook. The all users of the facebook are also waiting for the born of this wonderful baby.

On a post of facebook, Mark Zukarbarg wrote that, “I am very glad to know that, I and Priscilla Chan are becoming parents of a baby girl soon. We are very excited by getting this news too.  I can’t wait for wait for my daughter anymore! The baby girl and her mother are good at health.  The birth of our baby girl will add a new chapter of our life. Moreover, the unborn baby had already given thumbs up sign to me, which I saw in ultrasound.”

About 149 crore facebook user had gotten this news. They also liked and commented on this post and congratulated the to-be parents and wish them good luck.  As this facebook is the biggest social networking site, most of the people of the world, from the different countries and corners, got this news and became very glad. However, not only the parents of the unborn baby girl, the whole facebook world is flooding with this superb news.  This baby will add a new milestone to the entire facebook world indeed.  Undoubtedly, she will stay on the top of any kind of search or like. So, nothing can be done now until she comes to this world on facebook.You can watch amc live stream here for free.

Mark Zukarbarg! Such a surprising name to the whole virtual world that, no one could compete him yet. Moreover, he was declared as the youngest IT specialist, who has invented such a social networking site, like Facebook, which has connected the whole world. Whenever, he has been just a student, he started for this site. Though it was quite immature at the beginning, but day by day, it increased with a great update. Now a day, it’s quite tough to find out such person, who has no Facebook ID of his owner. It’s an amazing site to be connected to a great friend circle.