Mazda Cx-9 Is An Innovation Beyond Imagination

Mazda Cx-9 Is An Innovation Beyond Imagination

There is a never-ending debate of which is the best performance SUV of all time. So much is said over the past few decades over the SUV models that have come along the way. So what makes the product of Mazda dealership Riverside the greatest SUV of all time, well it has to be the superior car performance without the premium price tag. There is an also distinctive difference between a traditional SUV vehicle and the Cx-9.


The Cx-9 can be identified with a nose that sits toward the top with the broad mouth that proudly wears the Mazda wings. At this price range, it already competes with some top brands like Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover Discovery TD4 S, and Nissan Pathfinder. This comparison gives a clear picture of the SUVs performance. The Cx-9 is power packed with a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters. The petrol engine can produce a power of 170 kW and a torque of 420 Nm through a gearbox which is automatic.

The estimated fuel consumption of this SUV is according to the Mazda charts is said to be 8.8 per 100km. In order to generate such figures, many car companies have to go with turbocharged diesel engines whereas Mazda achieves with a fantastic 4 cylinder engine. This means a Mazda buyer would have the benefit of torque. To put it simple terms the Mazda driver will face pushing backward whenever the individual wants to accelerate forward. The Japanese want to give their customers a premium feeling of combination which is a mix of highway and city driving. Hence they developed such an engine.


Mazda SUV has a deceptive look, don’t be confused by stylish angels, the car is just two meters wide and five meters long and handles 7 passengers. If the car enthusiast is not impressed with the exterior then wait till he sees the interior.  Let’s begin with the cabin first the new Mazda offers a clear view of the road.

While the seating arrangement is similar to a sedan but with a highlighting change. The seating arrangement in Mazda makes the driver feel above traffic which in turn generates an automatic self-confidence for the driver. A heads-up display shows all the necessary commands, a navigation system, and speed limitation while driving. The speed limit indicator is really helpful in avoiding accidents. The Mazda Cx-9 is a spacious car with a lot of space in the front cabin, third and second row. The second also tends to be the highlight of the car with cup holders and USB connectivity.


This Mazda is weighed 1865 kg but supports an engine of only 2.5 liters. So if a customer thinks if Mazda is the ideal choice, then the individual will be proved wrong by the Japanese innovation. The engine works and performs tremendously even with a fully loaded car. The SUV present at the Mazda dealer Riverside has an all-wheel system and a gearbox which makes Mazda Cx-9 the best choice for city drive and highway.

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