16 Myths About Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

A fashion myth is a token of out-dated advice from people, who expect you to follow it sincerely based on God knows what. These are the rules which are meant to be broken more than anything else. After all, that is when most people get creative. So, here are 16 fashion rules worth breaking this summer.

Myth 01. Do not mix bright colors

Truth be told, mixing unexpected bright colors can make a major style statement. It can make you look modern and chic.

Myth 02. Do not mix patterns

We all have heard this one, way too often. It is nothing but a silly myth. The beautifully contrasting patterns can instantly shake up your wardrobe, making it completely unique. So, go for it!

Myth 03. Avoid horizontal strips

Horizontal stripes makes you look fat have been scientifically disapproved. It rather makes you appear taller and thinner in comparison to vertical strips.

Myth 04. Floral patterns are for grandma

Guess what folks, floral patterns are back in trend. They’ll make this summer more happening for you, with so many colors to choose from. There are some trending clutches bags for every body type, buy wisely to look super chic this summer.

Myth 05. Never wear denim with denim

Fashion experts say, it’s okay to wear denim with denim as long as their washes are different. And, this gives a sophisticated twist to double denim.

Myth 06. Wear white before memorial day & after labor day

White is meant for summers exclusively, is so not true. Well, I’m here to let you know that you can wear it, whenever you want.

Myth 07. Black and navy together is a big no

In the past, black and navy got easily mistaken for one another. But, nowadays they are seen as neutral colors which are compatible with other and therefore with each other.

Myth 08.  Not to wear black to summer weddings

Black is the ultimate choice for any occasion. No matter what your age is, you’ll stand out from the rest. Just glam it up with the best women clutch bag available. You’ll look gorgeous.

Myth 09. Sequins and metallics are for the night

Sequins are more than just glamorous. This shimmery eye-catching fabric when worn with a high-low mix, keeping the silhouette simple and easy can make your day.

Myth 10.  Short people cannot wear long dresses

Short girls can wear long dresses whenever they want. Just make sure it’s a light fabric with a perfect fit. Wear it with a comfortable height-adding heels or wedges.

Myth 11. Shorts are way too casual

Shorts are definitely not casual when they are not long. You may even meet the official dress code when you pair them up with a blazer and perfect heels.

Myth 12. Wedges are too informal

Wedges gives you the same lift and fashionable look without going through the pain of wearing high heels. I love them and I’m sure you all love them too.

Myth 13. Never wear stockings or socks with open-toe shoes

This combination can only elevate the look, when it’s in contrast. Like silver shoes against black stocking. It can make you look more sophisticated and different from the ones usually women go with.

Myth 14. Your bag and belt should match your shoes

We won’t stop you from matching your bags, shoes or belts, if that makes you happy. But, it is not something you need to do every-time you dress up. A little experiment with the colors can open new doors for you.

Myth 15. Avoid heels if you’re tall

This is the worst kind, of all the myths. High heels are women’s second love after diamonds. A woman should never be told, not to put on high heels even if she’s tall. Break free ladies!

Myth 16. Not to mix gold and silver jewelry ever

Just like black and navy, this is another rule of which we need to get rid off. An armful of silver bracelets with gold necklaces can  definitely make a statement.

These are the 16 myths I’ve come across which are so meant to be broken. So, don’t hold yourself back. Experimenting is the key to be the new glamorous you!