Nainital—A Place To Explore and Enjoy Solitude


Every now and then we feel like taking a break and go to a place where we can enjoy fresh air, lush green trees, and spellbinding sights. In India, there are many hilly stations where we can go to relax our body and mind. Nainital is one such magnificent hill station with mesmerising lakes that every enthusiastic traveller must visit at least once in a lifetime. This place promises serene landscapes with beautiful locations best suited for exploration and photography. Located on the foothills of the Kumaon region, it is famous for its various natural attractions. The best thing is the city offers a favourable climate all year round that automatically makes it a happening tourist place.   

To make the most of the trip ditch the idea of staying in crowded hotels. Instead book a homestay in Nainital and enjoy the simplicity of the place with the locals. Painstakingly built with the effort of Shalini and Uttam Dave, homestay in Uttarakhand is perfect for people who are looking for some time in solitude. With smart architecture, beautiful interiors and refreshing gardens, your stay will surely be enthralling.  

It’s like having a second home in the hills with great services and comfort. Once you have settled in and are done freshening up, you must plan out your trip. Make sure that you visit the most amazing places in Nainital. Here we have listed the places that tops the list:     

Nainital Lake: The Nainital Lake is located in the middle of the town and functions as the lifeline of the city. Boating facilities are available for the visitors, so don’t forget to enjoy boat rides with your friends and family. Evening walks around the lake will offer a peaceful relaxation like no other.

Naina Peak: Naina Peak is also known as the Cheena or China Peak by the locals, and is the highest peak in Nainital. It is situated at an average elevation of 2,615 meters above sea level, very famous for trekking purpose that you must not miss. The spot is known to offer one of the most incredible panoramic views of the entire valley that you must witness.

Tibetan market: The sprawling Tibetan market, located right in the heart of the city is a great place to satisfy your inner shopaholic. Offering a good variety of Tibetan fashion staples and antiques, the market will give you slight glimpse of what Tibetan culture is all about.

Bhimtal: Located a little away from the main city, Bhimtal has many folklore legends associated with it. The place is apt for activities like boating and sight-seeing and especially great for honeymooners and new love birds.     

Unlike most resorts in Uttarakhand that remain lodged up, Himalaica is a functioning home, with full-time staff and pets. Here you will definitely get the feeling of having a second home in the hills with great services and comfort. On you return, you will have some beautiful memories engraved in your psyche that you would cherish for a lifetime.