Popped Out Of Belly Button Is Normal During Pregnancy

Popped Out Of Belly Button Is Normal During Pregnancy

There are many changes happening during pregnancy to your body. It is really thrilling to observe the major transformations. Actually pregnancy affects in the slightest ways to your body and this is really fascinating. So one can really be curious to know about when your belly button will pop out during pregnancy. Generally from major change you can know that your baby is gradually growing, developing and using every last space in your body.

Why does your naval pop out during pregnancy?

The lifelong innie may change during pregnancy. Actually the growing uterus places a good outward pressure onto your abdomen. This is the reason for which your belly button pops out. It is nothing but one of the many symptoms of pregnancy. The pushes of rapidly expanding uterus to the abdomen make even the most inverted innie belly button to become an outie and sometimes make it protrude.

During pregnancy when does your belly button change?

Exactly when does your belly button pop during pregnancy? Approximately around 26 week the rapidly expanding uterus starts to push forward. But in some women who are mostly skinny with an outie this changes may happen in second trimester. This is the time when the pregnant women find their naval to be protruding, or there is a popping out of your belly button.

What should you do when your belly button changes during pregnancy?

There is actually nothing to do about your belly button changes during pregnancy. Like any other pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy every belly button popped out is very normal as well as harmless. But in some case if the popped out navel is irritated you by rubbing it against the clothes then it is better for you to use a cover that is specially-designed belly button cover to protect it. You can also use some pregnancy support products such as tummy shapers or tummy sleeves to protect your popped out naval. There is nothing to worry about if your belly button does not really pop out. There are many women whose belly button does not pop out and it is totally normal. And you should keep in mind that there is actually no correlation between the baby’s genders and popped out belly button.

Will the popped out belly button go back to normal after the pregnancy?

So it is clear that how to pop out your belly button? Now you must know that after delivery your belly button will get back to its normal regular position. But it can be look just like stretched out. It is actually a badge of honor.

Relation between popped naval and umbilical hernia

In some rare cases a popped naval relatively can be a sign of an umbilical hernia. It actually happens when in the abdominal area there is a small hole which allows the abdominal tissue to protrude through the umbilical area. There is some women who have this type defect of small hole in the abdominal wall before pregnancy. During pregnancy or excessive weight gain put stress on that defective area and causes the hernia to become noticeable.

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