Pros and Cons for Choosing a Competitive Niche for Your Website

As soon as you create a blog or a website, you need to choose a specific topic or subject, which is commonly known as a niche. Of course, you always have the option to go with a highly-competitive and crowded market. However, there is nothing wrong about going for a niche that’s less crowded with lower competition.

Still, many bloggers and website owners fail to realize the different pros and cons for choosing a competitive niche. And if you are one of them, this article can help you get the concrete knowledge needed.

Pros for Choosing a Competitive Niche:

Higher Search Engine Rankings

This is one of the main reasons why choosing a competitive niche is valuable. Niche sites might have an easier time when it comes to obtaining higher search engine rankings. Why exactly? That is because they are well-known and, thus, are packed with keywords many users utilize to search.

Let’s say you want your blog or website to focus on advertising products of big brands. Considering how exceptional this niche is on its own, you can easily tell that there are tons of interested people across the world. And by using targeted keywords to your advantage, you can leverage these users and make them want to visit your blog or website.

Easier Monetization    

There is no doubt that a competitive niche can bring the best when it comes to monetization. For instance, you want to discuss digital marketing platforms like, letting people know about what they are about and the benefits they offer. And since the niche you are in comes with massive traffic, there’s a quite a good chance you’ll get a “piece of the pie” and might convert some of the targeted traffic into leads or sales.

In other words, a competitive niche is highly targeted, which increases the chances you’ll make an income out of it.

Cons for Choosing a Competitive Niche:

Competition, Competition, Competition

It is no secret that a competitive niche can be enticing, but you have to keep in mind the keyword “competition.” Yes, that is right – there are already hundreds and thousands of blogs talking about the same thing. As a result, you may find it a bit daunting to keep up with others, especially with sites that have already established themselves and gained authority.

For instance, you want to write about beauty and makeup products. Or perhaps you have this idea of writing about this topic while making money out of it through referrals. The niche itself is oversaturated with thousands of websites talking the same thing. For users, it would make sense to go with popular and authority sites.

Less Competition for Advertisers

This one here basically shares the same idea with those above. Put yourself in a situation where you are an advertiser looking for a site that could help you market your products. You want a website that has already proven itself when it comes to generating traffic. So, it is imperative that you go with the one that has been there for a long time, especially since it has a good following already. This one, in particular, is what you are to consider when entering competitive niches. You have to put into consideration the other sites that have been there before yours.