Prosthetic Tips: Walking On A New Prosthetic Device

New Prosthetic Device

Having got a replacement limb, it is important for an amputee to learn to walk perfectly in it. This way, the device is harnessed to yield the desired result for which it is designed. Due to the advances of orthotic technology, contemporary prosthetic legs are designed to offer several functions. They are no longer just body extension. They now function as good as the limb being replaced. That comes with a degree of complication which makes walking on a new device kind of difficult. For that an amputee who gets a new leg has to learn to use the leg well. To make the best use of a device, consider the following tips:

Make Certain that device fits well

One way to make the best use of your device is ensuring that the it is well fitted into it socket. To maintain your balance when standing or walking, the led has to be fitted tightly into the residual limb. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable using the device. A proper fit between the device and the residual limb also helps to inhibit chances of pain.

Cleaning and maintenance of the device is a must

Failure to maintain your device properly could lead to skin irritation and swelling around the socket area. This may in turn result in a slack between the socket and the residual limb. Therefore, wear the habit of giving proper maintenance and cleaning to you device. For that, talk to your prosthetist for safe maintenance guide. Home cleaning may not be as effective as if it is performed by your prosthetist. Visit your prosthetist at three times annually for cleaning.

Begin walking with two parallel bars

To take advantage of your limb, you have to maintain a balance center of gravity when walking. For that, you will have to put a substantial amount of your body weight on the device. At first, you will a have problem with that. The device may appear as unreliable to you. But it is robust enough to hold your weight. Get a physical therapist to guide you on how to safely put your weight on a prosthetic leg. If you are able to place your weight on the device safely, you will maintain a good center of gravity and that will in turn help you build confidence.

If you are having a hard time with properly placing your weight on your leg, use two parallel bars as walking aids for the time being . Support the with your hands so that the weight of your upper body is placed on your hands. As you continue to get use to walking in the device let go of a bar. When feel accustomed to walking in the limb, leg go of the second bar. For amputee who obtains two limbs, it may take some while to get use walking in the limbs. Slow and steady they say wins the race. Be patient and walk slowly when learning to walk in your device. Prosthetic Tips: Walking On A New Prosthetic Device.