Protect ATMs from logical and physical fraud

ATM is very useful to complete anyone’s basic transaction without any kind of assistance from the main bank branch. You can get your money in your hand at any time by simply swapping your debit or credit card. But, security of this electronic machine is always on the risk. Criminals use various technologies for breaking the security system of ATM. There are two types of ATMs i.e. one is a machine that allows individuals to withdraw cash with receipts and the other type of machine accepts credit payments, deposits, and shows information of the account. Here are some techniques which are used for securing ATM from attackers and hackers.

The technology of WAF holds a key significance for the businesses of the contemporary world. Since every business uses applications to provide their services throughout the sphere but there can always be some threats and vulnerability even on the applications. Wall Application Firewall (WAF) technology ensures the security of your business and consumers by providing potential firewall features. You can log in to the website of Positive Technologies WAF where you can get all the information about these services, procedures, etc. If you already have an application for your business then you should consider the beneficial features of WAF technology.

What are the types of ATM security measures?

Physical security measures – Physical attacks on the ATM are increasing day by day. So, it can be difficult to protect ATMs from the physical attacks. In the case of cipher keys, physical security is one of the most considerable things for ATMs. In modern ATMs, the most important and focused thing is that the machine rejects access to money inside the machine if someone is using it in any wrong way. There are some methods also used for the security of the ATMs like access controls, security guard and central monitoring station.

Whenever your ISP reaches the limit of their capacity of the bandwidth, you have to spend a lot of money in its expansion. But, WAF works by attacking mitigation which eventually ensures that the bandwidth is covered only with genuine and clean traffic so that it could save up more space and also block the malicious traffic.

Logical security measures – In the working of any ATM, the network is the most important thing. If you swipe your card and enter password then details are sent to the related database management system for checking the validation. Usually, attackers hack all the details to execute their fraud plans. There are some logical security measures used that can help you to avoid logical frauds like protection of communication, fraud detection, firewalls, effective monitoring, tracking system, etc. If you want to protect ATM from logical attackers then you should also make sure that only required data is stored in the machine.


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