Remove Bile Duct Stones by Using Endoscopic Stone Extraction

When you feel extreme pain in the right upper side of the abdomen, then you are diagnosed with bile duct stones. At first, the pain in the upper right side of the body may be mild. As time passes by, the pain becomes intense. When bile duct stones are formed, it is necessary to eliminate the stones from the biliary duct in order to avoid future complications. The health practitioner removes the bile duct stones with the help of stone extraction balloon device. Why the health physicians use the endoscopic bile duct stone extraction device for removing bile duct stones? Let us know in short about this device and about the disease in the following lines.

A note on bile duct stones

When the bile ducts get blocked, the bile duct stones start to develop in the biliary tract. The stones in the bile duct can form in the gallbladder and in the liver of the biliary tract. The bile duct stones have mainly consisted of bile salts which get converted into stones. There are bile duct stones which consist of calcium and bilirubin. If a patient has the infection in bile, then the bilirubin count gets increased resulting in bile duct stones. The clogged bile ducts lead to severe pain in the upper portion of the right side of the abdomen. This disease can affect people of all age group. The only way to exclude the bile duct stones is by way of the endoscopy technology.

What causes bile duct stones?


There are several causes associated with bile duct stones.

  1. People who have a protruding belly and who are obese.
  1. If a woman had been pregnant many times, then she may be the victim of bile duct stones. It has also been noticed that women who are in the child-bearing stage can develop bile duct stones.
  1. The bile duct stones form in the people who are suffering from high blood pressure, liver disease, cirrhosis, or type 2 diabetes.
  1. If you are taking medications for lowering your cholesterol or having medicines for balancing estrogen hormone, then the bile duct can get clogged.

Symptoms of bile duct stones a

  1. ) Sharp pain in the upper area of the right side of the abdomen which passes to your shoulder and breastbone.
  2. b) Pain hits all of a sudden at the upper right side close to the liver. The pain may stop after some time. In some cases, pain may aggravate.
  3. c) The patient may feel cold along with high fever followed by dizziness and vomiting.

Contact the eminent medical device supplier

To eliminate bile duct stones properly from the patient’s biliary tract, a health physician will make use of the stone extraction balloon device. Get the endoscopy device from one of the stone extraction balloon product suppliers. The device is designed to exclude the duct stones of bile effectively from the biliary system. The stone extraction balloon has the capacity to extract and abolish stones efficiently. There is an injection port either on the top or bottom of the balloons. The balloons can be found in many sizes.

Vital features of stone extraction balloon product 

The device can be used once.

The balloons are made up of top quality latex balloon material, making the balloons last long.

At the time of extracting duct bile stones, the superior quality of balloons will not burst.

For the inflation of balloons, the apt syringes are given with the product.

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