Cats Eye Stone and original Moonga Stone

Cats Eye Stone and original Moonga Stone

Cats Eye stone price, in India as well as Globally Relies upon Weight (carats/ratti), Remedies and Quality (Clarity, Shape & Polish and Colour). Natural Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye gemstone price in India in rupees is between Rs 1300 per carat and rupees 22,000 per carat and over.

Which Cat Eye Stone Should I Buy?

(60 kg body weight = 6 carat rock)

The stone must preferably have high clarity, pure color, and no chemical or heat treatments.

Chrysoberyl Cats Eye (Ceylonese from Sri Lankan) is considered to be the best Cat Eye gemstone.

Cats Eye Benefits

Cats Eye rock benefits most during the Dasa or the malefic period of Ketu, the body of the shadow world ‘Rahu.’

Cats eye stone impacts the health issues of its wearer positively.

Wearing Cats Eye results in the development of a person’s wealth and enhances their fiscal problems.

Cats Eye gemstone benefits the business or the professional life of its wearer. It is known to revive decreasing Firms or commercial ventures.

Ketu is thought to be a spiritual and religious planet. One of the advantages of wearing cat’s eye gemstone is that a person feels satisfied, detached from worldly desires and enthusiastic about spirituality.

Cats Eye Stone Price

Quartz Cat’s Eye price in India at Rupees ranges from Rs. 225 per watt to Rs. 600 per carat and above, astrologically most useful being the caliber with cost per carat of Rs 600 and the least effective the quality with the price per carat of Rs 225.

For the best astrological consequences, your first option should be the caliber with Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye cost between Rs 9,000/ct and Rs. 22,000/ct. Your next choice should be from the range of value of Cat’s Eye gems in India between Rs 5,000/ct and Rs 9,000/ct.. And finally, if budget constraints then you can go with variety with the cost of Cat’s eye bead of Rs. 2,200 per carat.

Cats Eye Quality

Cat’s Eye is an exceptional gemstone and is termed so due to its striking resemblance to the eye of a cat. This similarity is a result of the phenomenon known as ‘Chatoyancy.’

The quality of Cats Eye depends upon its Cut, Color, and Clarity. The gem wants to have a flat facade and be free of spots and nuclear inclusions. The color should be uniform and pure.

For Astrological purpose, the Cats Eye’s quality depends mostly on the absence of stains and blemishes and not as much on color.

The cut and form of Cats Eye only has decorative significance and not astrological. But, it is considered better to get a polished and surface.

Original Moonga Stone

Original Moonga stone is also known as coral stone.   The coral bead is not a mineral, but it is being produced by creatures of the sea. Therefore, it’s called the gift of the sea into humankind.

 The coral stone is received over branches of coral that look identical to the branches of a wood plant. The coral originates due to the presence of a sea animal, coral or moonga which appear tenacious in look. This animal is found close to submerged sea rocks. Gradually, this creature gathers hard substance calcium carbonate and stores it all in beehive shape place.

After that, the animal stores calcium carbonate inside this beehive form place for over the last few years and finally coral are being generated.This general process takes several years to form a coral stone. The coral stone is non-transparent, and the shape, color of the rock varies according to the ocean.Coral is termed to top quality if it appears identical to mature timber plant or bael tree. A red coral stone which is free of a dark place, inclusions and smudge are known to be original and most beautiful quality rock. The color of real or original coral is vermilion or light red.

A real coral or moonga stone does not create any sound when it is rubbed against the mirror, whereas, if a synthetic coral is a grind contrary to mirror it will produce a massive noise.