Sitelock: The Most Trusted Frontrunner In Business Website Security Solutions

Cyber security has become a concern for the companies across the decade in the last couple of decade. In spite of so much protection and insurance the cyber-attack is still a threat to many industries. Ranging from banks and financial sectors, healthcare sectors, retail, manufacturing, as well as government and transportation industry everyone is at increased risk of cyber-attack. Cyber-attacks come in many various forms, and the type of attack on any specific company is subject to the type of information that the hacker is looking for. The commonly used cyber-attacks include:

  • Spear phishing attack
  • SQL injection
  • Botnets
  • DDoS
  • Web applications: CSS or Cross Site Scripting
  • Privileged account management

Sitelock, the most trusted frontrunner in business website security solutions offers best protection against cyber-attacks. It offers prevention by finding and fixing threats, preventing upcoming attacks, accelerating website performance and meeting the PCI standards for companies irrespective of sizes. As of now, Sitelock safeguards more than eight million websites worldwide. The company proudly caters to a number of industries since the year 2008 which include Ecommerce sectors, law firms or legal sectors, financial sectors and Web designers and developers. Keeping in mind the advantage of web designers and developers, Sitelock has generated the unique dezign and develop affiliate program. However, be cautious about the Sitelock Scam services, and choose the genuine Sitelock services.

The company offers a vast range of website security plans for the ease of the customers which include:

  • SecureStarter: Get the vital website protection meant for the business owners along with the special features such as advanced website acceleration, daily vulnerability scans, automatic removal of malware, basic DDoS protection etc.
  • SecureSpeed: Get comprehensive website protection along with the features like Illegal Resource Access Prevention, SQL Injection Prevention, XSS Injection Prevention, OWASP Top 10 Threat Protection and Remote File Includes Prevention.
  • SecureSite: A premium website protection plan that provides features such as Infinity scanning, Manual Malware Removal and Vulnerability Repair.
  • SecureVIP: An enterprise level safety plan that offers added benefits such as Blacklisting of Customers, Nations, and IPs, and blocks entry to backdoor files that are utilized by cybercriminals.

On top of these conveniences, all these plans offer several standard features such as web application firewall, daily malware scans, basic DDoS protection, automatic malware removal, cutting-edge website speeding up, trust seal, dashboard which is multilingual, installation that is not required as well as round the clock professional support which include the weekends and the statutory or national holidays.

Unlike Sitelock Scam services, Sitelock security probes the website, looks for anything that does not look usual. When the scan detects anything that does not look normal, the customer gets an alert instantaneously both via email and the control panel. This is high time that needs to be considered in order to curb the power of the cyber-criminals and this can be done only with the help of an effective website security solutions.

Therefore, consult with Sitelock, the most trusted frontrunner in business website security solutions.