Prophet TB Joshua – One Who Lives To Follow The Path Of Jesus Christ

Prophet TB Joshua - One Who Lives To Follow The Path Of Jesus Christ

His compassion and love for humanity made Jesus Christ the healer of all. Being sent on earth as god’s healer he blessed all unfortunate and sufferers with his healing power. His ministry was open to all sorts of misery and agony. Under his power blinds, crippled, leprosy, demonic possession all received complete cure.

For Jesus Christ healing had more significance besides curing humans off their illness. It was a fight against evil, against Satan whom he found to be responsible for human’s sufferings and harm. It is also true that human has both good and evil in him. When the latter dominates the whole, being the physical and mental health suffers tremendously. Only a healer can bring this storm to silence. Centuries ago, a miracle worker bought great relief, and sacrificed life for the sins of humans.

No being and no power can match that the supreme power of this son of god. However, with his blessings some of his true and ardent followers have been capable of following this path of serving humanity. Prophet TB Joshua, a healer and a man of God, initiated his ministry with a mission to heal people with prayers in the name of God. His ministry SCOAN (The Synagogue Church of All Nations), located at Lagos state has the capacity to accommodate 20,000 worshippers. Most of these followers are foreigners who come in search of some miracle to cure them.

This prophet believes in the power of prayers and the faith in God can move mountains and cure the incurable. What lies in the hand of prophet is to relieve people off their pains, but for this, the seeker must have faith. Healing is incomplete without belief, total surrender and obedience to God. It is through faith that healing flows into one’s self. The preaching of Jesus depicts that what he asks for is not the quantity but quality of faith to put into practice. The trust is not in healing but in healer, which enables one to overcome sufferings.

SCOAN is that place where humans with faith in God and this man of God come to seek cure which other types of healing fail to effect. Prophet TB Joshua founded this ministry with only eight members, however now nearly 50,000 worshippers and believers visit it every week. For people visiting from other lands, accommodation service is also available. Besides as a healing center, one can strengthen their faith and relation with the almighty here. This house of devotion offers ample time and opportunity to get close to God and one cannot miss to feel his presence.

Spiritual healing rather divine healing is the medicine to much illness and answer to many questions. When other treatments fail, one need not loose heart. The door to God’s shelter is always open and SCOAN is such shelter where its prophet follows on the path God created.