SuiteCRM Training Makes Learning CRM A Fun Ride For Users

SuiteCRM Training is a software solution focused on teaching SuiteCRM to the end users and administrators working in the fields of sales, support and marketing. The software program is partnered with one of the world’s best training partners Fynsis to make the learning process an easy yet fun experience for the users.

The training can be imparted on any onsite or offsite locations in India. FyNsis uses a hand-on practicing approach for the SuiteCRM attendees to direct them about the several business features of SuiteCRM.

Up-to-date Training Material

The SuiteCRM coaching material is reviewed continuously to deliver the latest SuiteCRM content. It makes use of a practical approach to not only educate the participants, but also help them practice and absorb the corresponding features. This enables the participants to use SuiteCRM features for the real business situations. The SuiteCRM instruction manual has 2 separate programs designed to equip users with the key areas of the software.

SuiteCRM End-User Tutoring

The SuiteCRM End-User Tutoring program prepares users in a comparatively short period of time. The course includes delivery of use cases specific to your business situation. As mentioned above, the end-user training program is based on a practical approach, thus consists of 70% practical exercises and lab sessions with 30% theory. It enables users to adapt quickly to the important features of SuiteCRM for the automation of their business tasks.

SuiteCRM Administrator & Developer Training

The SuiteCRM Administration Training module provides a detailed user orientation to efficiently manage the software. The course provides an overview of using the administrative tools to make changes in software configuration. The program also covers user management, reports creation, studio tools, field level changes, workflows and the required admin functionalities. This helps the administrators to manage and analyze data and information and equips them with the custom module knowledge to trace the business changes in the market.

The SuiteCRM training solution also works on shaping up the team working skills of the participants to distribute leads and tasks. It guides administrators about the software reporting feature with requirement gathering to forecast the future business trends and sales.

The software also gives a complete overview on using different plugins available for administration, production and reporting. It guides users to embed email and social media with their business campaigns for managing and increasing the user engagement.

SuiteCRM Administrators Training Deliverables:

  • Full version and guide about SuiteCRM end-user
  • Training Presentations
  • Useful Videos among other important helpful documents.


In short, SuiteCRM Training program is a great way to get you familiarized with the user interface and all the powerful features of the SuiteCRM from updating database records, promote teamwork, plan business campaigns and personalize leads to achieving your business targets. You can either attend the teaching centers situated across India or order the SuiteCRM training program online to get started at your own convenience.