The Windshield Replacement Process Explained

A car windshield is responsible for the clarity of vision of the driver, keeps out the wind and rain, and acts as a structural support for the roof of the vehicle. This is why, it is important to get windshield repair and replacement as soon as you spot any sort of damage.

Before we start looking into the process of windshield replacement it is important to understand that the entire task is a labour intensive one and requires technical expertise. This means that car glass replacement is certainly a job for experienced professionals. It would be well worth your time to ask your friends and read reviews of windshield replacement professionals that you enlist.

Here is the windshield replacement process as undertaken by professionals:

  1. The first step that a windshield professional would take is removing the old, damaged windshield that is already in place on your car. The plastic moulding and the urethane adhesive that keep the old glass in place are carefully removed. A fresh adhesive coat and moulding will be placed later when the new car glass is placed.
  2. Before the application of new adhesive, the old glass must be removed. The professional will place two suction cups on top of the windshield surface (if it is still intact) and carefully remove the sheet. If the glass is damaged the removal process may be more delicate and may need more time and effort. If you are driving an SUV or a large car the process of windshield removal may take more than one person.
  3. The car windshield is fitted to the metal body through a slot or a pinch weld. The car technician now needs to clean up the pinch weld. After this the car will be vacuumed if the old windshield damage has left any glass shards in the interior of the car.
  4. Now after cleaning the pinch weld and the car interiors, it is now time for the windshield replacement professional to tape up the windshield frame. After this you will need to add a fresh coat of primer to the car’s frame. A similar coat of primer is now applied along the edges of windshield glass.
  5. Urethane is the preferred adhesive that is used to fix the glass to the car. A strong coat of adhesive is applied along the edges of the windshield.
  6. The suction cups are now placed on the new windshield glass and the professional(s) will place the glass on the car.
  7. It is now time for the Urethane adhesive to cure and dry till it has hardened. A professional windshield expert will let you know the time this will take. Usually vehicle owners are advised not to drive the car for about 2-3 hours so that the adhesive sets completely.

This step-by-step process description is quite enough to understand that replacement of a car’s windshield is not a job for a novice. It is best to avoid DIY car windshield crack repair and replacement work. These days there are several video tutorials and illustrated guides. It is only a professional, though, who will be able to give you proper advice when it comes to deciding between repair and replacement. A professional is also likely to use OEM glass which is high quality and made to fit your car’s make and model. A professional will also help negotiate with the insurance company if your replacement is covered by auto insurance.