Things To Know About Ramadan and Gifts To Be Exchanged

Things To Know About Ramadan and Gifts To Be Exchanged

Ramadan is undoubtedly the biggest festival for the people of UAE and this place is really decorated with the best of colors and lights during this month. There are many restrictions that people who follow Ramadan fast have to abide by. But the evening is really a breath-taking one. After the evening Azaan, people come out of their house and celebrate in a grand way. They hit the local restaurants or go to the park and sit for a while with their family members. Some also host a grand iftaar party for friends, colleagues, and relatives. Thinking about Ramadan gift ideas and finally finding one for the loved ones is also a huge task.

What are the things that you may come across during Ramadan in UAE? Here is a list of that.

  • Vimto bottles are sort of found everywhere in UAE during this time. Although the connection between Ramadan and Vimto bottles is still unknown but during Ramadan month, one gets to see lot of hoardings, TVC’s everywhere. Vimto is a soft drink that originated in England and initially it used to be a health tonic but later it was transformed into a carbonated drink. Now, it is available in flavors of raspberry, black currant, and grapes.
  • You would become a proficient of the sunrise and sunset timing. And for that you don’t have to look outside the window pane.
  • A confusion regarding the beginning and the ending day of Ramadan would always persist among people. And these are the only days when people here argue non-stop about the exact size of the moon.
  • People ask you a lot of questions regarding Ramadan fasting and rituals and you really feel authoritative while answering them.
  • Some of your colleague may become extra religious in this time and they may not even respond to your normal jokes.
  • You would find every supermarket full with dates, Arabic sweets, and other dry fruits because of heavy consumption of these foods in this season.

Now have a look at the type of gifts that can be found online during the time of Ramadan.

  • Book Stand: A book stand would be a perfect gift for this season because the Quran can be kept on it during prayers. So, get this Ramadan gift online for the eldest member of your family.
  • A bouquet of chocolates is another great gift idea for the young and kids.
  • Lovely dinner date with your loved ones serves as the best Ramadan gift. You can crack some of the best deals of dinner online.
  • Candles or any lantern can also be considered as a Ramadan gift for your near and dear ones.