This Is Why You Should Choose Digital Wall Tiles for Your Home

Digital Wall Tiles

In the world of architecture and interior design, constant evolution is the name of the game. What doesn’t evolve or renovate gets left behind. Thanks to technology, many creative ideas for décor and architecture have come to life, specifically in the field of tiles.  

Although one may argue that there is nothing new about tiles being used to create and furnish spaces, both commercial and residential, since time immemorial, technology and innovation have made it possible to yield designs and materials with not only brilliant aesthetics but functionality as well. Therefore, while ceramic and vitrified tiles have remained as the most popular choices, another special type of tiles is making wave in the segment. Here, we are talking about digital wall tiles, and later, we will also give you reasons why you should consider installing these new age tiles in your home.   

What are digital wall tiles?

It’s quite surprising to see digital and wall tiles used together, right? While digital is concerned with machines, electronics and technology, tiles are simply related to natural materials and minerals. However, how would you react if we told you that, today, a technology has been made which allows for printing any design on a slab of tile with the help of machines?  

In essence, digital wall tiles are tiles that have been created by high resolution digital printing techniques. Manufacturing such tiles is similar to creating designs digitally on a computer. In digital wall tiles, high definition printing is carried out using ceramic tiles as a canvas. The term for this is transfer printing technology. Therefore, it is no surprise to transfer any image or photograph on a tile with the help of digital printing. In India, manufacturers such as Somany Ceramics excel in the art of digital wall tiles.    

While wall tiles have remained extremely popular for high-activity and footprint areas of home such as kitchens and bathrooms, digital wall tiles is gradually shifting this trend. Excited and knowledgeable home-owners from all over the world are employing beautifully designed digital tiles, sometimes with a high level of personalization, in aesthetic spaces of a house such as the living room, lobby or the bedroom. This trend is catching up in India as well. Indian bathroom tiles that have been digitally printed are seeing positive traction in the market, while other designs are becoming extremely popular for other areas of the home.    

Why should you go for digital wall tiles for your home?

Well, the answer to this question lies in four simple and convincing reasons. Let’s elaborate them one by one:    

1. High performance tiles with excellent consistency

First of all, the highly precise construction of digital wall tiles makes them extremely strong and durable. Not only are they resistant to moisture and dirt but also stain, scratches and wear and tear. Moreover, since their graphic design is applied using digital technology, it brings extreme consistency to the print.

2. You can create breath-taking statement walls

If you have always dreamt of having an eye-catching statement wall that simply amazes your guests and adds a new dimension to your space, then look no further than digitally-printed wall tiles. The stunning patterns and designs available in this range of tiles allows you to give one of the walls of your living or bed room a complete aesthetic makeover and make it the highlight of your home.

3. Get spoilt for choice

Again, the possibilities of designs with digital tiles for walls are endless. Since these designs are created digitally, it is reasonable that one can create almost anything in any shape, pattern or art form.

4. Get your walls personalised

Following on from the previous point, it is easy to remember that since you can get any design made on your digital wall tiles, you can opt for imprinting something extremely personal such as a photograph or initials on your walls.

As mentioned before, in India, many popular tile manufacturing companies offer a huge portfolio of excellent digital wall tiles. Somany Ceramics has one of the best digital wall tiles catalogue in the country, and if you’re opting for these tiles, then we recommend their 300X450 mm collection.

The world of digital tiles for your walls is waiting. Come, dive right into it!