Quashing The Mysteries Of Grout and Tile Cleaning

When we first install tiles and grout, the thing that slips our mind is that cleaning the tiles and grout is a herculean task. No matter what you do, the tiles and grout in your washroom, kitchen, or any other place they are are not easily clean. They develop strains and deteriorate gradually.  That is why they require special cleaning. This is the sole reason, why people who install tiles and grout in their home or workplace call in professional cleaners to make their place look clean and hygienic.

 Professionals are not magicians, they just follow certain methods that if anyone else follows too can keep their place neat and tidy. The reason that most people are not able to do the cleaning themselves is the lack of information about the methods to follow or their lack of interest as it is a very laborious job.

 Myth: Regular mopping is enough

 Well, regular mopping is a great way to keep your place neat and tidy. However, mopping the tiles is not enough to remove the dirt and water-salt imprints, that are still intact. This is due to absorption of salt and water molecules by the tiles even after mopping.

 Also, most of the people incorporate poor mopping techniques when doing tile cleaning. They clean their tiles and grout with a dirty mop or unclean water to save them the trouble of getting fresh water. Instead of doing any good this practice gradually deteriorates the tiles and grouts further.

 Myth: Normal household cleaners are good enough for cleaning tiles.

 The household cleaners are good for utensils or cleaning the floor as they are viscous. But the same does not apply to tiles and grouts.

 Myth: Use bleach/Acid to clean tiles

 It works well for cleaning the hard to clean strains, but the same is not true when cleaning tiles. They might clean the tiles surface for the time being, but it deteriorates the tiles surface. Causing the cleaning of tiles later more laborious task than before.

 Myth: Scrub with wire brush, for effectively cleaning tiles and grouts

 While it is effective way only if you do it with proper care and precision. If you apply excessive force, it leads to more damage as it erodes the protective cover on tiles and grouts.

 Myth: Soaking with soapy water is the way to proceed

 Soaking dishes in soapy water removes the stubborn dirt and oil. However, the surface of tiles is very different from your utensils. Once, the tiles are are dried after soaking in soapy water, there is an extra layer of soap residue left on the surface of grout and tiles.

Now, you must be wondering that the professional cleaners are indeed magicians. Well, relax they are just human with knowledge and experience. They do their work with precision, and are equipped with the right tools and resources.