Top 10 Best Hiking & Wine Trips In The World

Top 10 Best Hiking & Wine Trips In The World

Travelling is one of the most interesting and fun part of life. Also, different people have completely different type of views on the same. Some people find it completely refreshing to travel to new places while others live for travelling only. A pretty interesting type of travelling has evoked up and popularised in the world in quite recent times which is the hiking & wine trip. There are numerous spots in the entire world offering types of hiking & wine trips in the entire world and some of the best ones are mentioned below.

Hiking in the New Jersey

New Jersey is already quite popularised for the tourist attractive spots all over the world. If you are willing to walk and enjoy a hiking trip while sipping on your favourite drink then visiting new jersey is undoubtedly one of the best kind of trips that you could ever think of.

Kumano kudo pilgrimage trail

Japan is yet another country known for attracting tourists in large numbers. The kunap Kudo pilgrimage trail is a newly evoked 13 day trip guided for hiking & wine trips. Some of the major attractions of the same are sleeping on the futons of the floor and the relaxing hot springs.

Border crossing in Brasque company

This hiking & wine trip is far more than just hiking and sipping through the walk, it includes crossing the franco-spanish border. This trip is two centred and therefore, it provides you with an experience of the both sides and this is the main reason why a lot of people are attracted towards the same.

Fjord hiking adventure, Norway

The fjord scapes and the mountains present within the entire Norway region are surely the best ever place to hike & wine. The journey is a completely refreshing one with a night stay at a hotel following by hiking & wine trip all throughout.

Between all the wild things in South Africa

As it suggests that South Africa is a quite wild country when it comes to different excursion and hiking trips. The drakensberg mountains in the South Africa have thick forests and the rugged peaks. A 10 day safari of KwaZulu Natal – Drakensberg along with the wildlife safari is something that almost every person must experience once or more in life.

Northern west region of Crest

Crest is an unnoticed gem to the world and harbors plenty of different regions that offer hiking & wine trips. It is an ideal spot for some of the best adventures including unhurried pathways, sociable taverna dinners and some of the best swimming spots in the entire world.

Hiking is undoubtedly is a very tiring and time time consuming task which at the same time is a fun trip as well, so sipping on to your favourite wine during the same is surely refreshing. Jotted out a list of all the best places in the entire world that offer some of the best sipping & wine trips.