Top 6 jobs for English speakers in Normandy

If you’re looking to move to Normandy and want to know what job you can get as an English speaker, have no fear. We’re going to look at some of the best six jobs for English speakers who live in the coastal region.

  1. Estate Agent

Normandy is already a popular spot for English speakers buying second homes and the impact of Brexit could cause more British business owners to relocate to the region. This means an increased demand for English-speaking estate agents, who can liaise between a complex French property system and foreign buyers. All you need is a real estate license and a talent for selling.

  1. Tour Guide

Normandy is a popular travel location for English speaking tourists, who are looking for something a little different on their French vacation. This is particularly true for those interested in World War Two, as the Allied Forces landed on the beaches of Normandy for one of the most important battles in military history.

With the 75th anniversary of D-Day fast approaching, more English speaking tourists will arrive to honor the fallen and learn about the war.

While you can get a qualification as a tour guide, many get the job based on knowledge retention and love for their specialist subject.

  1. Bartender

As with any place popular with tourists and English-speaking residents, Normandy requires plenty of English-speaking service staff. Even the French people who visit pubs are normally practicing their English, so often the only French you need to know as a bartender in Normandy will be the names of the drinks.

You don’t need a qualification, the pay is good, and the tips from American tourists will likely be incredible.

  1. English Language Teacher

Simply, this involves teaching English to French students. This is one of the most flexible positions on this list as you can be full-time or part-time in a specialist language college or reverse term-time as a homestay teacher.

Most English language teachers will need a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, but homestay teachers can also qualify if they have a university degree (in any subject matter).

If you’re interested in becoming a homestay teacher through companies like Talk to Teach, you’ll need children who live at home with you. The idea is that a French student would come to stay with you for a short time, having one English lesson per day with you and spending the rest of the time having (English language!) fun with the family. This helps them practice what they’ve learned, whilst having fun with children of a similar age.

As an added benefit, it also means that you can earn extra money while still being at home with your kids.

  1. Nanny

We’ve already established that there’s a big expat population in Normandy and that many French parents want their children to learn English, but what could these two groups possibly have in common? They both want English-speaking au pairs.

If you want to work as an au pair, you’ll often need an early years qualification or recommendations from previous families to give assurances to parents that their children will be safe and nurtured in your care.

There is also the option for live-in au pairs, which means that you wouldn’t need to pay for a place of your own or to work as an au pair during the summer break, which is perfect for childcare students looking to make extra cash.

  1. Freelance writer/editor

If you’re keen on living in Normandy and have a flair for the written word, then why not work as a freelance writer or editor?

There are so many options available to you with this career. You can work for clients the world over who need English language content of any kind (Top Tip: Watch the currency conversion rate). Alternatively, you could make the most of your location by specializing in content related to Normandy or France in general (i.e. travelogues, restaurant reviews, and sightseeing guides).