Top 7 SEO Techniques To Watch In 2018

Top 7 SEO Techniques To Watch In 2018

Last year we have came across various of new techniques that transformed the way SEO used to work before. Companies focused more and more towards building a well established SEO team in order to success in market with competitors.

Variety of trends ruled the market like a king where some other just disappeared like they never existed. Ahead of this year, you have to focus predominantly on some useful SEO techniques if you want to stay on top at search engine ranking.

Here look at the 7 most effective techniques you should be working on this year primarily :-

1.Voice Command Search

Voice command has changed the way we used to communicate with the search engines initially. The popularity it gained in the market is something nobody expected this much sooner. Digital assistant leaving a great impact on the search engines as 1 out of 5 search queries are done by using voice commands.

There are expectations that this changes are going to become bigger than ever in 2018  This means you need to add long tail keywords and keep the tone of language more of a conversational so that it matches the person voice of tone.

2.User Journey

When SEO was first introduced in digital marketing there were some doubts on how it will make the experience of user smooth and relevant. After some time, people have appreciated the process of inbound marketing as they started receiving the relevant information they were looking for. Still, the experienced needs to enhanced and it can only be performed by web designers by making the interface smoother and easier. Google made it very clear that the focus will be the designing and structuring of website.

So, fasten your seatbelts and start spending more of your time on the company website designing, structuring, establishment etc.

3.Visualised Search

Most of you are probably aware about how it works, a search which is specifically conducted to see a response through visual representation. It is more of a exciting and clearer way of communication. User tends to get attracted more by images, videos, animated graphics etc. so, you can predict how effective it will be to invest in visual search for your company. Google has already invested big on this where pininterest and bing have been working on this prominently from quite some time.

This will gain major importance this year, so get ready to optimize your site for the visual search and start working on it as soon as you get the expert for the same.

4.Design for Smartphones

Mobiles have changed the game for all the companies as they started playing a major role in website optimization. Almost 60 percent of the search by users is done on mobile. It is still not sure whether google will display its first mobile index or not but we are very sure about how mobile will play a crucial role in search.

Your responsibility is to put mobile on priority and provide as best as possible solution or answer to their question. Keep in mind the technology is much more smaller than computer but has huge number of users that can decide faith of your product this year.

Bottom line

No doubt, traditional SEO techniques are very much effective till now but it is equally essential to keep up with new trends and updates for a better and effective growth. Ranking is not only the goal but there are several other things you should be looking forward to this year primarily. Hire an SEO services in order to get the desired result. Be prepared to accept some new changes thaBottom line t might appear in 2018 lately.