Unmistakable Traits Of Delhi You Cannot Miss On Your Trip

The capital city of India is one of the best has in the whole country. It has everything from the most sought after tourist hotspots like the historical sites to the best modern infrastructures. There is such an extraordinary list of things to do in this city.

In a city like New Delhi, when there is such an incredible add up to see and do, you require a perfectly planned itinerary. That course of action begins from booking your travel tickets to your place of stay before whatever else. If you are planning a visit from a city like say, Pune, you can, you can be on the lookout for cheap flights from Pune to Delhi and get yourself a good deal With that out of the way, here are the things you should be doing if you are planning a trip to the city.

Visit the Historical Sites

Delhi plays host to probably the most well known points of interest and milestones in the country. It is the guideline center of the interest with respect to sightseeing. The city has no specific peak seasons like most holiday destinations in India, however it is best you avoid visiting during the summer seasons as the it gets hot and humid beyond what you can imagine..

Gorge in the City’s Street Food!

A visit to Delhi is pointless without trying its street food. Generally north-indian, and non veg, Delhi is truly one of the places where you can get a great culinary experience both on the streets and its its restaurants. Apart from the street food sold in carts, you can also try to visit some of the popular dhabas within the city where you can choose to order a whole meal, or simply order some juicy and succulent chicken kababs and chicken tikkas.

Shop Till you Drop at One of its Street Markets!

Street shopping is one of the best things you can do in the midst of your visit to Delhi. People, for the most part young women, visit Delhi just to shop. Be it in vogue accessories to flashy street wears, household decors and kitchen needs, you basically need to know where you need to go to get what and you are set! A standout amongst the most well known street market in south Delhi is the Sarojini market.

Visit Lodhi Gardens for a Picnic

A standout amongst the most flawless open spaces in Delhi is the Lodhi Gardens. This spot is the perfect spot for hanging out with friends and stunningly better to go on a picnic to. It is moreover an extraordinary spot to just go out for a stroll around the night to get away from the madding crowd of the city. There are two or three diners nearby the garden where you can get yourself some breakfast or dinner.

And Finally, Experience its Nightlife!

Delhi has a stimulating nightlife. Despite the way that not as happening as Mumbai, Delhi parties hard like there is no tomorrow in the limited time traverse it is given before the cops come in and stop the party. A standout amongst the most event spots is Hauz khas village, the urban village and a strong wild. Set in Hauz khas close Green Park, this spot has an unfathomable assortment of bars and clubs.