What Are The Services Offered by The Best Canadian Trademark Agency?

There are a few agencies that offer myriad services under one roof. Usually, these enterprises are owned and controlled by the experienced Canadian patent agents with own license, registration and the skills for helping the clients in obtaining the patents, trademarks, copyright etc for their business. If you have started a startup and want the patents to get registered, then you have to take the professional help of the registered trademark agents Canada. In this country, you cannot apply for a patent registration without the registered agent.

Here, we will be focusing on some of the different types of services the Canadian patent agents offer under one roof—


You being an inventor will be given the right to your invention against the disclosure of how the invention truly works. From the date of filing the patent application, the right remains validated for the next 20 years. With the help of the agents at Wilson Patents, this job will be done easily. The rights can be applicable throughout Canada only. You cannot implement the same in any other country.

By acquiring the right, your business can be protected and you will be safe about the investments done so far and the profits you are making from the business. You have now the freedom of using the profit money in developing the business further. The inventor is given the right to nourish his or her creativity in developing the business. The patent agency Canada will help you know the rules in details. Also, you must have the patience in reading the documents carefully before signing the papers.

Patent Searching

Look for the Canadian patent agents that offer the patent searching services. According to many experts, after the patent searching service, many inventors change their decision of proceeding with the patenting process as in many cases it has been found that there are least chances when something like that can match with the competitors. If you still want to go ahead, you have the freedom to do that and apply for the patent registration process to get all the rights on the investments and profits of your business. Again the Canadian patent agent will guide you with the next steps. Also, they will prepare all the relevant documents required for the process as well.

Industrial Designs

There are many registered trademark agents Canada that will help you get the rights on the designs of your products. Having the design protection will be beneficial to stop duplicating them. If you have the rights, you will get the power to sue the companies that have copied the rightful designs of your business.


All businesses need to get trademarked if the owners want their enterprises to thrive. This is a logo which your company gets with the help of the Canadian trademark agency. This is a unique symbol that is widely used during the branding process and during importing the goods.

These are some of the most significant services offered by the Canadian patent agencies. For a better business experience, you should get the patents and trademarks of your business.