Top Reasons Why Your Spouse’s Visa May Be Rejected In The UK

Moving to a different country isn’t an easy endeavor. While it can be an exciting experience for your family, you could encounter a range of complications, such as your spouse’s visa refusal. Immigration laws are continuously updated, which could further prevent families from obtaining their visas right away.

Evidently, staying informed and understanding the key aspects that could cause your spouse’s visa rejection is a good starting point. Here’s what you should know!

Financial Condition

It appears that the most common issue that determines the rejection of a UK spouse visa application is the lack of financial support. In other words, the sponsor must demonstrate that he/she can maintain a proper livelihood for the applicant. As a sponsor, you ought to prove that you can support your partner. One has to supply evidence of financial stability, in this respect.

Documents such as bank statements, tax returns files, P60 and others are mandatory to prove that one earns the sum of money required by the government.

Incomplete Forms

Another impediment to spouse visa approval in the UK is failing to complete the forms in detail. Considering the amount of information you are expected to supply, omitting to fill in each box in the forms can happen.

On that note, you should pay close attention to the forms and ensure that they are complete. Otherwise, you risk having your application rejected.

Including Incorrect Information

Without a doubt, another aspect that will clearly hinder your spouse from having his/her visa application approved is filing incorrect information. While you can include as many documents as possible, their credibility and accuracy remain the fundamental focus. What is more, presenting documents that aren’t relevant to the visa officer is another practice that won’t get you anywhere.

Sending Fabricated Documents

Bear in mind that every document you include in a visa application will be triple-checked by the person in charge of your case. On that note, trying to submit fabricated documents will definitely deter you from having the application approved. If there are false claims in your papers, the persons reviewing your application will find out eventually.

Past Visa Application Refusals

Although it can seem unreasonable, having your visa application refused can additionally hinder you from getting a visa in the future.In other words, the higher the number of refusals, the fewer your chances of obtaining it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is impossible to get a visa if you have been rejected in the past. However, it will make the reviewer scrutinize your situation and documents much more attentively.

One will pay close attention to the reasons that determined past reviewers to deny your application. If you find yourself in a similar situation, make sure that the documents you supply are correctly filled, and everything is in order, to maximize your odds.

English Language Requirements

Distinct from the financial situation, the English language requirements ought to be fulfilled by the applicant as opposed to the sponsor. In other words, the applicant ought to demonstrate that he/she has a proper command of the English language.

Evidently, he/she ought to supply documents that assert that. In the event in which the applicant doesn’t meet the specific requirements in this respect, the department will reject the visa application.


Although getting a visa application in the UK may seem like a huge challenge, if you take into account the legal requirements you’ll be on the right path. To that end, go to to find out more about the subject. Being informed is the key to success!