Window Graffiti Removal 101

Window Graffiti Removal 101

Graffiti is defined as any type of public marking that appear in forms of writing or painting. Creating graffiti on public property like buildings, walls, fences or posters is a punishable crime since it is considered to be vandalism. Spray paint and marker pens are most commonly used to create graffiti. Once you have become a victim you must especially look for ways of graffiti removal from glass.

There are countless numbers of ways to remove graffiti from glass and prevent graffiti, from re-painting through to sacrificial coatings. Re-painting is often used but is time consuming and expensive. A very popular method is to use a sacrificial graffiti coating. These are generally wax based, and once attacked with graffiti are completely removed and re-applied. A very expensive exercise, considering more often than not they are attacked with graffiti again the next day.

The best way to combat these graffiti artists is to remove the graffiti before anyone has a chance to see it; if their handy work is removed immediately over and over they will often give up after 3-4 times of removal. It is very frustrating for a graffiti artist not to see their work the next day and also becomes a waste of time and paint on their behalf. Time is crucial! To be able to achieve this you must have an anti-graffiti film that will enable quick and easy removal over and over without damaging the material underneath and the costly replacement of the coating every time it is attacked with graffiti.

Anyone who has tried using anti-graffiti film will tell you that the system is effective to deter these people from attacking your shop windows, and up until recently have had limited success. There are major advantages of using anti-graffiti film over other different methods that are employed to remove graffiti from glass. In addition to allowing the quick and easy removal of graffiti, it also protects the surface from harsh weather conditions such as UV damage, salt corrosion and various forms of chemical attack.

This anti-graffiti film is to be preferred because apart from the fact that it can be used quickly en effectively, you also have the ability to re-apply the anti-graffiti film to small sections that have been continuously attacked, rather than to have to do the complete glass restoration in Los Angeles and the best thing is that because it is invisible on most surfaces and will actually enhance and protect any surface that it is applied to. The best thing about this system is that it can be applied by anyone very easily. You don’t have to struggle any longer with trying to remove graffiti from glass on your own when all you need is application of anti-graffiti film.

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