Your Home Remodel

Home remodeling will add value to your home and improve the quality of your home as well. If you work on the home remodeling projects listed below you will enjoy the benefits of remodeling without regret. The deal gets even better in the case of green upgrades as you will begin to recoup your investments and save a lot of money. Some of the home remodeling you can have done on your home are listed below.


Many homeowners will consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, and because of this very reason updating and remodeling this room will pay off. However, remember not to go home, as this may not necessarily mean more recouping of the investments. Never remodel and improve your kitchen to the extent that it is fancier than the rest of the house or even the neighborhood. Investing so much in the kitchen can be more of a burden than a blessing. It should look like a home and not more of a fancy restaurant kitchen. Keep any potential buyers in mind as you decide on how much you want to remodel your kitchen. Many of the buyers will not go for a kitchen that looks fancy instead of homely.


A fresh coat of paint in modern colors can go a long way in updating the look of a room. Paint is relatively cheap and inexpensive way to impress owners while you choose how to remodel. Paint that is low Voc will work to make the place eco friendly and work to also help you and your families avoid breathing in the dangerous chemicals such as the benzene that come off the regular fresh paint.


Bathroom additions keep modernizing. You can never go wrong with improving the equipment that is in the bathroom. If the home has one bathroom you can choose to invest and remodel by adding another one. If you are wondering where to get the space for another extra bathroom then you should begin by taking a look at any extra rooms that may be underutilized or other spaces that may not be in use such as closets or under the staircases. The cost of all this additions and renovations will largely depend on the type of additions that you want and the cost of this items that you need. Save money by getting them on the lower end but they should all be of great quality.


If your home is lacking the basic form of insulation or has old doors that happen to let in a lot of hot and cold air then the home inspectors that will be working with any potential buyer in the future and will without a doubt include this in their report. The homes that have not been modified with the energy saving and efficiency in mind will cost more to maintain and live in this will ward off any potential buyers.


Any broken items, leaks and areas that will need insulation should not be left unrepaired. These areas will mostly include the areas around the windows and doors, those around the electrical sockets and light switches, the recessed lighting, the basement and anywhere there are ducts or wires that go to the outside of the house. These basic updates will add more value to hoe than you anticipated. They will include keeping the paint fresh, fixing areas on the roof that may be leaking and also getting rid of any mold that you may find around the house during your inspections. These simple chores will keep your home from deteriorating over time keeping your home healthy, safe and solid proving as an advantage to any potential buyers.

Written by Mike Wolfe of Mike Wolfe Construction. Mike and his crew offer the best service for home improvement in Columbia, MO.