Zircon And Its Varied Uses


What is Zircon?  

Zircon is the birthstone for December. People having the zodiac sign of Taurus and Libra can be benefited maximum. Zircon can be found in different colors ranging from white, blue, red, colorless, green, orange, brown, pink, purple and gray. All these colored zircons are used as a gem. But blue is the most common and beautiful zircon.

The beautiful cuts of the zircon allow the light to exhibit multiple refractions due to which it shows beautiful sparkle like a diamond. Zircon is also used as the alternative to the diamond as it resembles the diamond. It is inexpensive and holds great astrological benefits.

Heat treatment

Zircon is usually is heat treated to obtain the colorful blend as well as the beautiful transparency. The heat treated zircon also retains the sparkle for a longer period of time. Blue zircon which is the most beautiful gemstone of zircon family is a heat treated product and is the most common ones to get in the market. But the radioactivity in the zircon is very less, so it is safer to wear.

Price Range of the zircon gemstone:

Blue zircon is the most popular zircon in the market and due to heat treatment, the range of blue color differs. The finely saturated zircon over 10 carats has the price range from $300 to $400 per carat. But the blue zircon with the quality of 5 to 10 carat is sold for the $200 to $300 per carat.

The honey zircon also is known as the golden zircon has the price range very less as compared to the blue zircon. It is sold at the rate of $50 to $100 per carat. Similar price range is for the red zircon. It can be found at a rate of $75 to $125 per carat.

Verities of zircon gemstone:

  1. Jacinth: the zircon gemstone with the color of yellow, orange, brown and red.
  2. Jargon: the variety of zircon with pale yellow and pale gray color.
  3. Matura Diamond:  colorless zircon varieties.
  4. Starlite: blue colored zircon gemstone which is not usually natural but the maximum is found to be heat treated.

Uses of zircon gemstone:

  • An alternative for the diamond and blue sapphire: the white zircon is a beautiful gemstone for the substitution of the diamond and blue sapphire. The stone is the ruling stone of Venus and is also the stone of beauty.
  • Strong relationship: Being the stone for the love and beauty, it creates the environment for the strong relationship between the couples. It also enhances the good relationship among all the family members.
  • Protects and shields from the negative energies:  the zircon gemstone helps in protecting the wearer from evil thoughts and energies. As the gemstone holds the immense positive energy that doesn’t allow any evil power to enter your body. For the sound and healthy sleep, the gemstone prevents the wearer from the nightmares.
  • Promotes good health: for the healthy body, the zircon gemstone aids a lot. Especially for abdominal problems, fever, and insanity, it has a great benefit. Keep this stone around your body to be free from the diseases and chronic pains.
  • Spiritual and emotional balance: the zircon stone is believed to treat the wearer holistically. It purifies the soul and heart and helps in healing spiritual energy.
  • Good career progress: the zircon gemstone brings opportunities in professional life. It helps in growing the career field and promoting professional life. It also brings the energy and vibration that helps in the flow of positive energy in any work you do.
  • Enhances memory and concentration power: the zircon gemstone helps in enhancing the memory power of the wearer. It has the special vibration that increases the focusing ability and concentration power in every work you do.  

So, zircon gemstone, the ruling stone of the Venus is not only beautiful and fancy but also holds the mystical powers. It has many astrological benefits to the wearer which is mentioned above.