Enjoy An Ultra Trendy Make-Up Case, Every Month

A make-up set with the top beauty trends, filled with buzzing make-up products, every month in your mail cases… No, no, you’re not dreaming: the Beautiful Cases is THE beauty cases that’s ‘tear up all the batistes. With each month a new makeup tutorial, a kit of make-up products in full size and some amazing surprises, these make-up cases seduces the beauty addicts and catches the eye. Small decryption of this good beauty plan to savor urgently.

Each month, new cases dedicated to make-up

And if you fled the endless queues at the shops? There is so much more interesting to do than hangs around in the queue … Come on, we blow you the secret to gain a max of time: every month, the Beautiful Cases infiltrates the batistes mailboxes. Super practical … And if you let yourself be tempted? In this cases filled with cosmetics and make-up accessories, you will find a selection of products allowing you to succeed a makeup tutorial different each month. Of course, all these selected makeup products are suitable for everyday use as in the evening. Our difference compared to other makeup boxes? We offer you every month a new make-up lesson, thanks to a step-by-step guide and beauty tips to become a true make-up pro.

Beautiful Makeup Cases

To you the canon look: by subscribing to our beauty makeup cases, you will discover the secrets of stroking, shaded lips ,  pastel nail guns art , glitter cut crease and many other makeup techniques. Our makeup kit immerses you every month in the heart of make-up trends in France and around the world, by entrusting you with exclusive beauty tips and professional tips to sublimate you.

  • Makeup cases: the super good make-up plan to offer emergency
  • What make-up products are waiting for you in your makeup box?
  • Products for the lips: gloss, lipstick, lip liner…
  • Products for nails: varnish, care for nails, sponges…
  • Eye products: eye shadow, mascara, palette, eyeliner, false eyelashes, eyebrow products / brow kits…
  • Products for the complexion and the face: concealer, primer, illuminator, blush, sun powder, mask, cream…
  • Makeup accessories: mascara applicator, brush, kabuki, beauty blender, makeup remover wipes…

And as we love having the choice, and combine a max of beauty products in an ultra practical spirit, we particularly fall for the palettes: in the hippie chic cases, you could discover the Beautiful Brow Kit, the kit full eyebrows of the American brand Kiss. And in the Beautiful Cases, the sublime Essence Light Up Your Face palette has given you a bright and glowing complexion for the holidays.

Beautiful Cases Makeup New Year Arrivals

Do you want more? The insatiable fan of great deals you will be seduced by the surprises and gifts that we offer to our subscribers Beautiful … Flashback: last February 3 happy new subscribers were lucky to win by lot the prestigious Palette Naked d ‘Urban Decay. And remember, 150 beautiful APM Monaco jewelry sets valued at had slipped into the Beautiful Cases.  Attracted by all these gifts? Promised, we concoct you many other contests and surprises … What you spoil always more.

Finally An Original Make-Up Cases, Ideal To Offer

In search of the perfect gift, the idea that will please everyone? You are in the right place: with each month a max of full-size make-up products, accessories and surprises to sublimate your beauty, the Beautiful Cases make-up cases is the ideal gift, for a guaranteed success for any occasion. Give our cases as a gift to a woman is by far the best gift card idea.

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