5 Most Common Driving Distractions to Avoid

Distracted driving is a curse that strikes most of the drivers, especially when you are with your family and having a joyride. The in-car technologies, however are trying to solve this issue by bringing automated vehicles and driver assistance features. Till then we have dug up a few reasons why people get distracted while driving and how to avoid such situations.

1. Using the Phone

As reflected by the Kia dealer serving Temecula, using the phone while driving is the most common reasons of distraction that has caused fatal accidents claiming lives. Whether it is receiving a call, messaging back or simply surfing the internet for some immediate information, the activity demands all your attention and even your eyes off the road and looking at the screen. To minimize and rather say curtail down this issue, today cars are mostly having Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integrated, to make communication easier through Google Voice Assistance.
Even then, the problem persists, as driving needs a totality of your concentration. If a phone call is that urgent, you can pull your car aside, finish the conversation and get back to driving.

2. Eating

Car trips are tiresome. Munching on some snacks do refresh us and we feel the distance of the roads are not appearing to be that lengthy any more. But consuming food and beverages while driving can be devastating. A split second of inattentiveness can ask you too big a price. But that doesn’t mean you have to drive staying hungry and fatigued. Take a break whenever you find a good parking space, consume your favorite snacks and beverages, and start driving when you feel energized.

3. Reprimanding Children

When you are driving with children sitting at the rear seats, it is very common that they suddenly start acting up. Looking back as a reflex action is hard to control, but in the given situation, that isn’t going to save them from any danger but rather encircling them with one. For the time being you can adjust the rear-view mirror above you and see, if anything is urgent. If yes, pull your car aside, set things right and start driving again. That way you are being more responsible a guardian than turning your head around.

4. Looking at the Shops

If you are passing through a marketplace and are even looking for a particular thing or an outlet, it is natural to get engrossed in finding them out. But all this would pose a great threat to your life, as your distracted driving can harm you as well as others. In such cases, the best is to park a vehicle aside and look for the shops either by getting down or through an internet search.

5. Reaching for Dropped Items

As correctly pointed out by the Temecula Kia dealer expert, while driving you don’t really need anything. But it is human nature to pick up things when they drop them accidentally. But during driving, you can’t afford to do this. All you can do is, leaving the thing there, as it cannot get lost out of the car, reach a safe place and then pick it up.

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