Street View: The Next Big Thing On Technology

Street View: The Next Big Thing On Technology

Evolving standard of living and the urge for making something better and something big has always pushed the developers and builders to come up with upgraded version of the already in use applications and each upgrade brings in some new and exciting features for the users. The various apps like whatsapp, face book, Google store, messenger etc. gets updated time to time and so is the my maps app.

The- maps app help people in navigating through the unknown roads and reach destinations that one have never seen before. It helps people in finding out the right path to be taken and one does not have the fear of getting lost or losing out the right track at any point of time. Along with this one can even check for the restaurants, petrol pumps, hotels and other places that is situated on the road one has taken.

One can be relaxed as one knows what coming up next and even that p-provides one with the surety that one is on the right path. Along with this, a Google map is a very user friendly app and is built on a really simple platform to understand. User just simply needs to open the app and as people say “go with the flow”. Even my maps app gets updated and brings us a new feature that makes travelling even easier.

Bike riders and frequent travellers rely on these apps to find out their way through complicated roads and cliffs. They literally survive on the roads because of the apps that shows them directions unknown. The only thing one needs to do is either keep an ear to the announcements done by the app or keep an eye on the phone screen to know that one is on the right path.

What if one could see the entire route before starting the drive? Instant Google street view provides one with the ease of looking at the roads and localities and turns to be taken before when is set to drive. The panoramic view of the roads and locations help people in seeing the buildings and every other thing that is there on the way on a virtual platform just like the user would see if he or she was personally present there. This helps in remembering the turns and buildings and hence one would not have to look on the screen every now and then to take the proper turn or find a proper location.

One can even look at the parking lot and find a space to park the vehicle that would be nearer to the destination one is trying to reach. One can get to know about the Instant Google street view app by installing the app or looking for it on Google. One can learn about the panoramic view of the roads and locations and one is also allowed to share the pictures of a specific path or destination so that it can prove out to be advantageous for the other users who use this app.