All About Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

All About Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

Stainless steel eye bolts can be considered as a removable attachment point to safeguard cables and ropes. A typical eye bolt from UK contains a threaded rod carrying an eye or loop at one end. Eye bolts are used in a basic lifting operation by noticing the thread size, not the working load limit.

An eye bolt is the integral element in the lifting industry which is used as a screw with a looped end where a cable can be fastened. This arrangement makes it easy to hang different items from a post, ceiling or wall. A basic or regular eye bolt from UK is designed majorly for vertical loading as non-shoulder or angular loading can break it. On the other hand, a collar-less eye bolt can be used only for straight lifting.

Eye bolts are finished in the form of anodized or galvanized material or can also be plated with gold, silver or zinc. Technically, a black oxide coating does not create any change in dimension. Similarly, a phosphate coating offers corrosion-resistance and an improved surface primer and paint adhesion.

Categorization of an Eye Bolt

Stainless steel eye bolts can be differentiated according to the threading and construction type.

As per their threading, they can be of 2 types-

  • Machine screw threading
  • Wood screw threading

The machine threading bolt is used with the angular loads up to 45°, whereas wood screw threading is ideally suitable for light-duty applications.

According to the construction, eye bolts can be of 2 types, namely:

  • Forged eye bolts
  • Bent eye bolts

Forged eye bolts are the one-piece fasteners that are used for handling heavy loads as per the equivalent tensile strength of the material which is used. Bent bolts are preferred for light-duty purposes to serve different industrial functions.

Some Other Bolt Types are-

Thimble eye bolts- An opening like a thimble for any rope or wire for reduced wear.
Pivoting eye bolts- Made to pivot at 180° whereas the base is designed for 360° swivel.
Shoulder eye bolts- Contains a shoulder inside the eye like an installed flush within the mounting surface.

Sum Up

Stainless steel eye bolts are best-suited for the corrosive and marine environment as their material does not rust. Small-sizes eye bolts are not good for general lifting or tensioning because they are tightly screwed for high torsional stresses. It is advisable to tight it swiftly with no excessive pressure being applied.

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