Latest Technology Trends In Geysers

Latest Technology Trends In Geysers

Smart technology has enabled home appliances to get smarter and more efficient day by day. Washing machines and the geysers are no exception to this. Washing machines, earlier had just 3 main features: Soaking, heavy Washing and Drying. Even though these features appeared quite futuristic about 15 years ago, now they are just compared to a tin can. Similar is the case with the geysers Futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence, corrosion resistance, auto shutoff, are replacing these old machines to take up the future of water heating by means of geysers. Surely, these machines will do more than what is expected of them, but you will need to pay a good price for the future. To purchase geyser online you can always go to websites like Flipkart, Amazon. Let us discuss some of these trends.

1) Faster and Better

Various brands have come up with many products which heat water faster as there is less loss of energy as compared to the old designs of the machine. These machines are not only faster in doing their work but also, they are very efficient in terms of power consumption thus this not only saves the time of the user but also helps to save his money but consuming very low amounts of electricity.

2) The Titec Technology 

The technology is moving forward and now they are targeting more efficiency longer heating element life. In the recent development of these machine the titec technology was introduced in which the heating element is covered with the titanium enamel and this not only improves the efficiency as the titanium used being a very high conducting metal conducts heat readily and there is very less loss of energy which increases the efficiency drastically and titanium being a very corrosion resistant material, its enamelling prevents the internal heating core from all corroding elements and thus prolongs the life of the heating element.

3) Use of Super Resilient Polymer Reservoir

The new technology takes in use of highly resilient reservoir i.e. the inner tank. The inner tank in the new geysers are being made up of highly strong polymer. The use of this new material has led to the very low corrosion in the inner tank and has also increased its capability to withstand pressure thus has overall increased the life of the product.

4) Water Purification Add On

Few of the new geysers are coming with preinstalled add on which helps to clean the water flowing out by some mechanism. The water is cleaned of about 99% bacteria and pathogens due to this technology.


Technology trends in geyser designs along with consumer awareness are leading to more advanced and sustainable water heating machine at households and even at the commercial level. These shifts to water purification, high temperature withstanding capabilities and increased efficiency are eco-friendlier from the point of view of energy savings. With more and more research, these technology trends will become cheaper and easily accessible to a large section of consumers. After all, isn’t that the entire aim of technology that is to make human life better without discrimination? Know more.

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