Best Classic and Contemporary Italian Furniture

Best Classic and Contemporary Italian Furniture

Contemporary and Convertible Furniture

Residential and commercial spaces in North America are responsible for an estimated 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions to the surrounding air annually, which is about more than one-third of the greenhouse gas pollution output of the continent. Compact and efficient living spaces, while constructing smaller and energy saving buildings cuts down costs significantly as well as curbs greenhouse gas emissions. Multipurpose furniture helps in utilizing every inch of the residential space.

Wall Beds: The unique collection of 60+ wall bed systems blend the use of the convertible furniture with ease, permitting multiple uses in a single space. It is made in Italy by Clei. These space saving ideas are suitable for studio apartments, home offices, guest rooms and more.

Transforming Tables: The varied line of versatile tables will change the way the dining space is utilized- whether it is a simple coffee table transforming into a dining table (such as Cristallo), or an expanding console to a dining table (such as Goliath)

Seating and other fundamentals: The space saving convertible furniture options add to the theme of a multifunctional home. The space saving options range from small seating options, customizable storage options, transformable wall accessories, etc.

The mind blowing array of contemporary office furniture options and ideas for small spaces, or the opinions of the press about the furniture collection of Clei wall beds, multifunctional units and other space savers could possibly change the customer’s minds regarding new age furniture.

Examples of contemporary office furniture include file cabinets having brushed nickel hardware, media centers for flat screen televisions and modern chairs. It is interesting to make a collection that can amp up the wow factor in the living and working space.

The work place is built gradually with a simple office desk having the bare essentials, a chair having back support, and file cabinets for efficient organization of personal belongings. An open concept bookcase is a novel concept for display of books and other fancy objects. The design is finished with a modern concept coffee table and a compact end table to complete the look. These minimalistic furniture options are very eye-catching, modern that showcases the personality of the owner.

Modern home furnishings are designed to add to the style and function of work spaces. Simplistic design combines structure and function to form an office where one would function well. Desks and storage cabinets help elevate productivity and organization of the office space.