Bi-Polar Disorder and Severe Depression

Bi-Polar Disorder and Severe Depression

Have you ever battled depression so bad that you could not even think? Or how about been so sad, that you could not stop crying your eyes out? Or felt as though the whole world was against you, and out to get you? For some people these are every day occurrence! For myself, it is not an every day thing, but it happens often, and is bad enough to make every day tasks a bit hard to accomplish.

There is no rhyme or reason to bipolar disorder and severe depression. One day your happy and feeling great, the next day your so sad, and depressed, you feel as though your best friend just died, and even though it is not true, you cannot fight off the horrid feelings of despair, and pain.

It’s bad enough for the person dealing with these disorders, but what about those around us? What are we doing to them? This has got to be the saddest part of all this for me. What my problems are doing to my family is the saddest part for me! I try so hard to be calm, not get upset about things, but no matter how hard I try, I stumble, and I fall flat on my face!

There are days when I can do anything, and there are days when I cannot even get out of bed. I do get out of bed of course, but it is hard, and it is painful, and the days I deal with this pain seem to go on forever. The fight that goes on inside the mind of someone with bi-polar, or depression is a hard one that no one can possibly understand, unless they too go through it.

The most important thing to remember if you live with someone afflicted with depression or bi-polar disorder, is that they are hurting probably as much as you are over how their illness is affecting you (source). Try to understand them, and have compassion for them, because they are locked away inside their minds, and cannot stop what they do. I know for myself, I fight a battle every day over how I am affecting my family. I know though, that my family loves me, they understand me, and they will never leave me, or ridicule me for how I am, please do the same for the one you love!