How Your Fragrance Can Double As An Insect Repellent

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Fragrance 365

Most people consider mosquitos to be annoying little creatures that just suck blood. Unfortunately, these little parasites also carry numerous mosquito-borne diseases that lead to millions of deaths every year. If you are shocked by this statement then it’s time for you to consider your safety from these little bloodsuckers. Some of the options could be to wear long-sleeved clothes, using a mosquito net, keeping the doors and windows closed, etc. but the most obvious would be to use a mosquito repellent.

Before you go out the door to buy a mosquito repellent, you should know that several mosquito repellents don’t suit people with sensitive skin and might lead to allergies. A viable solution in such a scenario would be to use a good perfume. Yes, you read that right, research says these two perfumes can repel mosquitos.

If you are not a fan of these two scents and you are after something more natural, then you should hunt for perfume on Fragrance 365 that has at least one of the following essential oils.


People who are after a fragrance that’s not too strong would like fragrances with real peppermint oil because it has a minty and clean smell. This oil has natural insect repelling properties.


Those of you who want to keep not only mosquitos but moths and other insects away should opt for a fragrance with this essential oil. It is also quite effective in curing bug and mosquito bites at a rapid pace.


If you are against the use of synthetic mosquito repellents that often do more harm than good, then you should opt for fragrances made with pine essential oil. It has been scientifically proven to repel mosquito bites.



As basil contains larvicide in high quantity, it successfully targets the larvae stage of insects, says a study. So, you would be smart to opt for fragrances that contain this essential oil.


Seekers of natural mosquito repellent should opt for fragrances that have perennial grass oil. The woody and earthy smell of this oil makes people appreciate their natural surroundings more and allows them to repel mosquitos without any effort.

Lemon Eucalyptus

If you are after a long-lasting fragrance that can protect your skin from insect or parasite bites then you must trust the fragrance laced with lemon eucalyptus oil. It can last for several hours at once.


Lemongrass oil is perfect for repelling mosquitos and other insects thanks to its insecticidal properties. It has a lemony smell and a bit of earthy undertone which makes it a flawless component for a fragrance that lures people.


People who wish to stay away from cockroaches and mosquitos should go for a fragrance that has catnip essential oil in it. This oil is known for acting as an irritant for mosquitoes (imagine irritating the peskiest little creatures at last).


If you are among those unfortunate people who keep on attracting mosquitoes wherever you go then you need to opt for a fragrance with Thyme oil in it. It will daunt the mosquitos, and they won’t stick around you anymore.