Elastomer Products: Know About Their Many Benefits

Elastomer Products: Know About Their Many Benefits

Conductive elastomer products are used to protect electronic enclosures from unwanted radiations, or electromagnetic interference (EMI). These products are used to create a number of EMI-proofing solutions; commonest among them are conductive gaskets, typically placed between a metal casing and lid. Their key functionality is providing adequate electrical conductivity across the gasket, enclosure, or lid intersection. Conductive elastomers are perfect for applications that need both EMI shielding and environmental sealing. These products are commonly used in commercial and hardy military equipment. Based on the application requirements, engineers give different shapes to polymers that may range from huge elastomer rollers to small gasketing pieces. The conductive elastomers have many benefits. Here are the essential ones:

Conductivity and Resistance to High Temperature

Elastomers with their electrical conductivity are preferred in multiple industrial applications. Even when susceptible to high temperatures, they can retain their original shape, size, and color. Elastomer products do not change their texture, wear out, or get damaged when exposed to moisture, sunlight, or environmental gases. For example, ethylene acrylic elastomers are known for their resistance to mineral-based and artificial engine oils at temperatures of 302 degrees Fahrenheit or more. They also show their resistive properties in colder temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, they are ideal for use in new, hostile automatic transmission fluids.


These elastomeric components come with an inherent compressibility feature, especially in situations when mechanical bonding is a necessity. Engineers ensure full malleability and system isolation to go with every edge of these polymers. They’re used in several applications, including integrated mechanical fasteners or clasps and pipes. They have a protruded design to improve the pressure in the gasket rings. Elastomer gaskets are also known for their chemical resistance and prove useful in engine pipes and casings that transmit strong chemicals as well as material-degrading fuels.

Immune to Deformation

These gasket materials are ideal for use in a variety of applications such as equipment drive belts. They have extended molecular chains that are cross-linked to ensure protection from being bent, deformed, or damaged. The belts are designed to have excellent mechanical force. These motors and drive systems are to be made with materials that are long-lasting, flexible, and can hold on to their original form and appearance irrespective of the constant start and stop cycles. Elastomers are tough materials and can easily bend without breaking or deforming, thus helping equipment and machines to operate efficiently.

Shock Absorption

It is true that a steel enclosure is stronger than typical elastomeric products, but they cannot absorb shocks. But elastomers can manage shock sans the damage. This is the reason why polymer materials with shock-absorbing properties are preferred in the mining sectors and quarries. Besides, elastomeric surfaces can neutralize or offset abrasion. The polymers are resistive to wear and tear when struck with large mineral-laden rocks or fine aggregate matter.


Did you know that elastomers are ideal for insulating pipes? As far as closed cell elastomeric foam insulators are concerned, they have become quite popular of late. Used in several home and industrial rubber applications, they are preferred for their outstanding closed cell properties.

Choose conductive elastomer products known for their versatile use. The pace with which these products are molded, blended, cured, or vulcanized makes elastomers a practical and economical solution for varied industries and product lines. Their superiority compared to traditional metals is just commendable. In addition to their resilient properties, elastomers are widely used for their electrical insulation. They are your best bet for protecting your devices from unwanted emissions and environmental elements. Their availability in a range of filler materials is also a plus point.