Collection of abaya available at the online market

Abaya is one of the essential things for women according to Islam. As in Quran all men and women have to cover their body when in public. Traditionally abaya is of dark colors, but currently, these specially designed and old abaya have converted into a stylish outfit. A-line black colored abaya glued with women body, covering their whole body making it feminine and womanly are an older version. Now, they are featured into different designs, shapes and made up of various fabrics designed by international designers, Dubai markets flooded with variety, and now anyone could buy Dubai style abaya online from different websites.

Some of the standard designs patiently experimented by international designers and most famous abaya available online could be:

  • Abaya with butterfly sleeves: like the butterfly has wings, these abaya’s have flared widely spread armholes, from wrist to elbow. Form cape-like structure, overlook comes out to be a butterfly.
  • Bell sleeves abaya: this abaya has long sleeves with fitting across elbow till shoulders then it gets its flares starting from angle onwards. It seems like a bell-shaped because of his sleeves style when applied to freestyle and lose abayas. These are exclusive and lots of designer continuously works on this style to make it more vibrant.
  • Abaya with flared sleeves: this is one of the modern and stylish designs, having beadwork at the edge of the sleeves. Mostly designed for massive function and occasions.
  • Sleeves with baggy style abaya: one of the trendy looks of the season is this look; it looks fancy and reflects cultural values.
  • Abaya with cuffed sleeves: these are having tightly fitted cuffs at the wrist, having variety in cuff designs. It has a vast range of fabric in designs, buttons also attach at the end of the cuffs, and some even have ribbon and embroidery work at the edges.
  • Batwing sleeves abaya: as the name suggests resembles with the bat wings, having loose and long sleeves but tighter wrist at the end of the sleeves. Its deep armholes provide a stylish look.
  • Puffed, long sleeves abaya: these are of balloon shaped but tight fitting at the wrist. Having different designs and variety in the Dubai market online and offline as well, many websites delivering all over the world.
  • Panel sleeve: in this type of abaya sleeves create in panel designs, just like shirt and lining sleeves. They also look very stylish and trendy as well, and many girls like to wear a formal outfit.

Apart from designs abaya are also available with different embroidery and bead works, depending upon the designs of the sleeves abaya name may differ. There are thousands of variety available in the online market providing an opportunity to the world to experiment and create a new look at every next day; anyone could shop for Dubai style abaya and flaunt at every other function or any even it could enhance the beauty of women yet comes under the religious rules and guidelines.