The naturally occurring compound limestone is called the original marble. This compound is undergone intense heating at high temperature  enclosed by the core of the earth which transforms its mineral composition to mould marble’s unique colouring and adorning character. This is the only reason for marbles popularity. There are some more natural stones such as travertine, limestone and onyx which are undergone the same process as that of limestone to change its appearance to manmade marble.

Some of the uses of marbles are as follows:

  • Marble is commonly used for floors. The tile of the marble is also used to enhance residential fireplaces and bathrooms.
  • Using marbles on the stairs is a very elegant way to enhance the beauty of stairs. It also takes very less time to clean the marble stairs.
  • Marble walls are considered as a sign of royalty but they are receptive to the crayons which are used by the small children in the homes.
  • Marble counters are very popular these days. They are not easily damaged.
  • Marble sinks are used in kitchens and bathrooms and it does not easily erode under water.
  • Marble fountains can add beauty to your garden. Also there are many marble sculptures in the public garden.

The best way to maintain marble tiles is by constantly dusting with a medium coarse brush. The marble tiles should be cleaned  with gentle detergent or stone soap, making sure that the surface should be rinsed and dried after washing. There should be no staining any food spillage or accidents need to be cleaned up immediately .The acidic type of cleaners should not be used such as bathroom and grout cleaners, even organic type cleaners such as lemon and vinegar are to be avoided. Also, do not use chemical based cleaners such as ammonia or bleaches. Avoid any type of abrasive cleansers. Stone soap is the most important marble paver cleaner.It can be purchased from your local masonry supply store or hardware store.

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India has many famous and best marble importing and  exporting companies. Importing marble from India has many purchases globally. Importing marble from India is around 8% that is  $202.5 million.