Effective Skincare Routine Methods To Follow For Youthful Skin

how to tighten loose skin

Have you ever experienced getting together with your older colleagues and yet, you’re the one who looks the oldest? Admit it. We all want to look young, even as we age up and mature. This the primary dilemma of women in the word. And to be honest, those wrinkles and fine lines are really too stubborn to get rid of. As we grow up, our body especially our skin, also matures in time. Making those age numbers visible in our face.

But how do you find your way back to your younger years by achieving a younger looking healthy skin that everyone will love and get envied on? Well, we recommend learning and familiarizing yourself on how to tighten loose skin with easy steps that won’t take a long time. These routines we’ve summarized for your benefit are not only the easiest ones but also the most effective for attaining that young look.

1. Massage

Treat yourself to the most deserving skin massage that your skin craves for. A massage can not only increase blood circulation and promote relaxation but also improves skin elasticity. The gentle rubbing and circulating movements will get rid of those fine lines and saggy skin around your face. It also encourages lymphatic drainage for a radiant youthful complexion.

2. Ice cubes

Ice cubes are known to smoothen complexion by getting rid of fat cells, wrinkles, and acne in the face. Do the ice cube trick once in a while (or daily as some preferred it to be). Make sure not to directly put the ice cubes into your skin as it may cause shock to blood vessels, causing it to break. With all the benefits of ice cube skin treatments, spice it up with the option of using orange or lemon juice instead of just the classic frozen iced water.

3. Serum

The Serum is a skin product that is more concentrated than the regular lotion or cream we put on our skin. Although much expensive than the usual necessities for your regimen, serum contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals that cause the rapid aging of our skin. Invest on a good serum and your everyday routine will never be the same.

4. Facial exercise

One of the most effective ways on how to tighten loose skin is by incorporating some facial exercises into your daily activities. Give those facial muscles some toning exercises to get rid of saggy skin that makes you look like 20x older than your age. Some simple exercises to do even while busy with your work can make a huge difference:

  • Lift your eyebrows as high as you can and hold it there for at least 5 seconds.
  • Open your mouth as wide as possible while sticking your tongue out as far as you could. Again, hold this position for at least 5 seconds.
  • Lift your eyebrows and open wide your eyes as you frown to stretch your cheek muscles.
  • Using your pointing, middle and ring finger, press down your cheeks as you smile, resisting the force of your fingers with your cheeks.
  • Open and close your nose opening.
  • Compress and release the skin on the upper part of your nose.
  • Lift your heads up as if you are kissing a giraffe. Hold on to these position for at least 5 seconds.
    These exercises may be awkward when done in public and may make you the center of unwanted jokes so it is advised to do this on your private time and let them wonder what you did as they notice your saggy skin disappear.

5. Eye cream

One of the crucial signs of aging is the large circle under your eyes– those dark circles you get from all the stress that your life gave you and the lack of sleep due to your busy schedule. The trick here is to de-puff your eyes with some eye cream to leave under your eyes overnight. Search for an eye cream that contains dimethicone or hyaluronic acid that works well in treating and refreshing those old-looking eyes.

Bring your body back to its younger years by doing the tips mentioned above and you’ll immediately feel the difference within. Even though other factors like weight and health also play a vital role here, still, the ultimate goal is to carry out a skin care routine that will reverse the aging effect of your life. And rest assured—you will look the youngest you have always wanted to be.