Ron Hindt- Experience The Gift Of Giving Back To God!

There is a common belief among religious followers across the world that you cannot out-give God. He only knows the Law of Multiplication and when you gift Him anything, He will give you the same thing multiplied back! This means that if you give God your time, He multiplies it and gives it back- the same rule goes with your money and talent. Whatever energy you will give God, He will multiply it and give it back to you.

Ron Hindt- God will multiply all the things that you do in His approval

Ron Hindt is a well-respected pastor in the USA and he gives sermons in Church to spread the message of God among followers. He says that when it comes to giving back to God always remember that He is kind and will give you the same things that you desire in abundance. Of course, this does not cover the negative qualities and evil attributes in man.

Give away the seed to get more

The Bible says that farmers know that the seed must be given away for it to increase. In case you keep that seed inside in a sack it will never increase. For instance, when you plant one corn seed, you do not get another corn seed back- you get a stalk of corn back with corn kernels. When you plant the seed of a watermelon in the ground, do you get one watermelon back- no you get many watermelons with many seeds back. In the same way, God will also multiply the seed that you give to Him.

Give away a few seeds and get back many seeds

Now, look at life and see that the person that plants a few seeds will only get little back however what about the person that plants many seeds- he or she will get multiples back. This is because God gives away with joy and He wants you to be like Him.

Give to receive

In short, if you wish to receive, you need to give. It is very important for you to give away good in life as you will also receive greater good. This will bring you immense cheer and happiness. It is important for you to remember that God loves you and He wants you to be happy as well. This is why you should begin giving away good things that are in His approval. With the passage to time you will receive multiples of good and this will improve the volume of bliss in your life as well.

Pastor Ron Hindt shares the sermons of the Bible with one and all. He says that when it comes to life it is very important for you to follow the teachings of God if you wish to be happy. Small sacrifices can give you many rewards. This is why it is important for you to be kind and give people your time, talent and love. With the passage of time, you will find that your life becomes meaningful and happy.

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