First-Time Renter? Avoid These Silly Mistakes

Rosy is planning to take a 2 BHK for rent in Noida but since this is her first time, she is worried, nervous and confused. She knows that there are certain nitty-gritty aspects which, in case go wrong, can play havoc with her entire renting process.

So, let’s help with the following tips Rosy and all those who are all set to take on rent a place.

1. Skipping reading through the lease document

A lease document is not a school book, of which a certain portion could be skipped. Signing any document without a thorough read can bring in dire consequences. Even in the case, you find a flat that you really liked, it is important to read through the lease agreement in details as it comprises details of moving in, rent due, conditions regarding security deposit and when and how to move out. The document is a legally binding one and thus, make sure not to give it an eye wash.

2. Renting more than what you can afford

The polished appearance that you get at any flat available for rent comes with a cost. In the case of Rosy, she cannot expect a luxurious and elegant 2 BHK for rent in Noida to be available at a dirt-cheap price. Thus, make sure to keep room for managing these bills along with the rent. It should not be the case that your account books totally get jeopardized due to the rent amount that you are required to pay.

3. Renting a property without seeing it personally

There are a good number of first-time renters who trust the online listings and other reviews available on the web for the purpose of buying a leased apartment and pay the landlord without actually seeing the rental flat. Many times, such people get a setback as what they see in pictures is totally different from what they see in reality. Visit the new flat, roam in the neighborhood and check it out completely before paying the landlord. Also, to avoid being a prey at the hands of dubious people, make sure to hand over the check only after receiving the house keys.

4. Not asking for payment of utilities

There are certain utilities, the expeidanses of which are included in the rent, whereas some of the utilities require separate payments from the renter’s pocket. The cost of garbage clearance and water service is usually included in the rent the tenant pays, but for services such as electricity, cooking gas, the internet and cable service, the tenants are required to pay separately. Make sure to get this necessary bifurcation from the landlord, before moving in.

When it comes to taking a leased apartment, make sure to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes and make your first renting task a smooth experience.

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  1. Resantly i hired a 2BHK flat in pune and we know that pune is a hub of IT company but know i want to sell my flat on good price so please tell me what i do. And will Godrej Bavdhan good option for me.

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