Fortis La Femme: The Healthcare Every Woman and Child Needs

Fortis La Femme: The Healthcare Every Woman and Child Needs

With the pollution rising and the temperature increasing every day, the air quality is decreasing with every passing minute. The cars on the road now outnumber the people and the constant smoke coming out of them only adds to the pathetic atmosphere we live in today. How can then one expect to remain in the pink of their health? Whether it is the breathing problems or other disorders, one is bound to suffer.

The most affected nowadays are women. It is also because they face a lot of hardships at work and at home, and tend to neglect most of them due to lack of time. Women of different age groups are vulnerable to many different types of diseases and disorders, and one must always make sure that they’re up-to-date when it comes to health and nourishment.       

Thankfully for all women, a great new venture by Fortis, Fortis La Femme makes sure that this aspect is taken care of. A beacon for women healthcare, this venture is a 70-bed woman and child care facility. It spreads across a huge area of around 70,000 sq. ft. The hospital also offers all kinds of rooms, ranging from presidential suite, suite, junior suite, deluxe, single, twin and general categories.

There are many facilities that this hospital offers, and they are:


Fortis La Femme is dedicated to take care of all aspects of women’s health, from adolescence to menopause. They support women in every possible way so that they stay strong and happy. The team here is an expert team and provides the best of services.


The team here is made up of the best doctors who are good and experts at their jobs, which is why the efficiency is top-notch. Pregnancy can be hard for a lot of people and leads to many changes in a woman’s body. Physical, emotional and hormonal changes can take a toll and eventually tire a body to no extent. Hence, it is important to be in the hands of the best and the most caring. Whether it is recognizing the ectopic pregnancy symptoms, dealing with post-pregnancy depression, or simply preconception counselling—the team of obstetricians caters to every need of a woman in this demanding and excruciating journey to motherhood.


Due to the fact that this is one of the leading mother and child care centre, it continues to assist the mother with utmost care of the little one after the delivery. Pediatric care of international quality is provided to the newborn and the medical history is taken into account as well. It is very important to note that the major focus is on providing a comfortable, cheerful and friendly atmosphere so that the healing is faster for both mother and child. From general pediatrics, nutrition counselling, surgery, to immunization, they take care of everything with utmost efficiency and tact. Every possible allergy is taken into account when delivering a newborn and it is made sure that nothing goes wrong in this tender stage of delivery.