Why Include Bihar In The Tourist Map?

Why Include Bihar In The Tourist Map?

Bihar located in the eastern part of the country is a heavily populated state and preferred to be visited by all types of travellers, throughout the year. There are many travel lovers who are not aware of the fact that the state of Bihar does provide them with a fabulous choice to get to know about the glorious past of this place and the kind of importance that religious has over here. Rather, it was once regarded to be the main centre of learning, culture and power in ancient times, thus compelling travellers from across the globe to take pains to travel here for various reasons.

As a matter of fact, Bihar is stated to be a great state as well as an attractive destination for tourism. This state does boast of having given several leading religions like Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism and even Sikhism to the whole world. There are different ways by which people from all directions can reach this state, with trains being the most popularly availed ones. It is now possible to order food from train using the smartphone or laptop and internet connection.

Well known People from Bihar

Kamasutra and Arthashashtra books were written here and still remains among the top selling books across the globe in their respective categories. Many renowned poets and writers like Phanishwar NathRenu, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Vidyapati and Baba Nagarjun all hail from this state. The modern writers who have acclaimed world fame are Upamanya Chatterjee. This state also is known to hold the world’s biggest annual cattle fair, named as Sonepur Fair.

Important Tourist Spots

  • Nalanda: It was during the ancient times, the seat of learning and boasted of having teachers coming from all parts of the world to teach students from across the globe. It was also an important Buddhist learning centre.
  • Bodh Gaya: It is here that Lord Buddha had got enlightenment under the famous Bodhi Tree, which is now over 2,500 years old and has been declared UNESCO site. This place also has numerous beautiful Buddhist temples constructed by foreign nations like China, Thailand, Japan and Sri Lanka, thus attracting religiously inclined tourists.
  • Vaishali: It is considered to be among the world’s earliest republics and the place where Lord Mahavira was born and had found the Jainism religion. It is also revered by Buddhists, since Buddha had delivered his last sermon here.
  • Rajgir: It was ancient Magadha Empire’s capital and also a famous pilgrimage centre. It is revered by both the Jains and the Buddhist sects. It was at Pawapuri, close to Rajgir that Lord Mahavira had breathed his last.
  • Patna: This is the present capital of the state of Bihar and a well-known tourist spot. It is also among the ancient continuously inhabited place in the world. Its historical names were Azimabad and Pataliputra. Located on the banks of the holy river Ganges, there are several tourist spots here like Patna Sahib Gurudwara, Gol Ghar and the Patna Museum.

Overall, Bihar is a beautiful state to be during the holidays.

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