French River Cruises – For A Perfect Holiday

France Barge Cruise

Once upon a time, a ‘cruise’ used to mean a multiple-day trip across the sea in a huge boat, with days spent in outdoor patio seats drinking wines or playing golf on the upper level. It was an activity affordable only to the very rich or those who scrimped and stored for years in order to experience it.

Recently, however, the idea has experienced a move, as another kind of water-based vacation takes the market by storm: Europian river cruises. When compared to bigger, seafaring vacation trips, these may, at the first vision, appear to light in importance. However, travelers who select to take up this kind of Barge Cruises Tours Europe find out that it keeps just as much attraction as a bigger vacation, although of a very different sort.

France has many amazing areas to find out, but do yourself a favor and get off the roads and onto the canals and rivers to see the very best of it. Here are some areas that offer visitors an amazing way to see the country from its waterways.


Burgundy is well known throughout the globe for its delicious wine. You will find some of the best-flavored wine on the globe here, spread out over 60,000 acres of vines. Journey through the heart of the winery nation on a barge and stop off to enjoy a red or white, perhaps associated by one of the delightful parmesan cheese of the area. Journey along the Burgundy Canal at a relaxing speed, and you will experience wonderful pathways, attractive historical cities and tiny cities in the same day.

Loire Valley

Journey along the River Cher, in the Loire Valley, to find out one of the most wonderful areas of the country. This river has been used to carry people and freight for hundreds of years, since before the time of the Romans, and the so-called Valley of the Kings is a wonder to discover. The landscapes are extremely wonderful and you will pass through historical cities and discover vibrant marketplaces as you quit off at various places along the way.


If you went on barge holidays in France in Champagne, you will see the most popular area on the globe for sparkling bottles of wine – in case you didn’t know! Find the beauty of the River Marne and stop off in cities that are home to some of the most popular Champagne brands of the world – such as Epernay, where Moet & Chandon is based. You may also want to quit off in Reims, another top location, to see attractions such as its historical church.

Plan Your Barging Holiday Today

If you like the thought of Luxury Barge Cruises in France and going to one of these wonderful areas, start planning your trip nowadays. There is no better way to see the nation and you will relish a wonderful experience no matter the area in which you select to visit.