How full-body kettlebell training with personal trainer would be beneficial?

Are you feeling bored with your regular monotonous routine in the gym and looking out for something different type of workout that is a great combination of weight training and cardio with the use of minimal equipment? If yes, then you should think about doing kettlebell workout. Being new to the kettlebell workout, we would recommend you to take the assistance of a qualified personal trainer who has successfully undertaken fitness trainer course.

Broadly speaking, kettlebell workout regimen is definitely very effectively provided you are looking out complete body workout for building your stamina level and burn more calories in one single session.

In this post, we shall be trying to explore more about the full-body kettlebell training that you can do under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer who has successfully undertaken fitness trainer course.

Basically, a kettlebell is a ball-shaped weight which is made from cast-iron with a handle attached to it. It is definitely an exceptional design that makes kettlebells stand ahead when it comes to different types of weights. For the reason that the weight of a kettlebell is not disseminated uniformly, it necessitates more core equilibrium while you are making any movement with it.

Undoubtedly dumbbells can be considered as one of the best choices when it comes to simple weight training activities, but the way kettlebell is made it enables you to diversify and discover more calorie-burning exercises that further leads to the involvement of the compound muscle groups at the same time.

Here are some of the kettlebell workouts that you must do in your workout session:

Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is one of the simplest kettlebell workouts that you can perform and learn quickly. It is considered to be quite effective for building overall stamina level of your body. However, you need to bear in mind that you have to maintain the right posture and good kettlebell weight to see more effects. This is a compound exercise that will help you get results.

Reverse Goblet Lunge

This exercise will help you to focus on single-leg toning and related movement.  You need to hold a kettlebell weight same way you do in the goblet squat. Again posture is very important in this exercise.

Kettlebell Strict Press

In the kettlebell strict press, you need to hold the curved handle so as to able to make the movement naturally with your shoulder joint. In this exercise, you can add more variation to make it a full body workout which means that you can do squat at the same time while bringing the kettlebell weight down. We would recommend you to do this exercise under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer who has successfully undertaken fitness trainer course. Since this exercise does require proper posture so better would that you should first understand the correct way of performing this exercise.


Last but not the least; the high-pull exercise is another very effective workout for the shoulder. Basically, this one is known as the isolated movement for the shoulder.

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