How to manage Blogger and influencers in China

As the second largest economic institution in the world, China is a relatively unusual market for many foreign brands.
Looking at the differences between Western and Chinese society media ecosystems, many can say that how can China be able to deal with the target-dealing tactics within the shortest possible time? The work of Chinese influence is 99%.

According to the 2017 digital commerce trends report, 72 percent of the brands in China interviewed that they will focus on social media marketing, while 63 percent have been revealed that their cooperation in product or brand promotion They will increase their impact on ROI (return on investment) on impact marketing.

Though KA’s real effects have always doubled due to their KPI complaints, they can not stabilize their popularity among different brands. In this article, we will discuss a clear trend that Chinese bloggers sell so well on social media like there is no country in the country. Two approaches: China’s consumer and Chinese impact marketing can be made trading

One of the main reasons for the success of Chinese bloggers is a wide range of mobile devices among Chinese population. There is no barrier for mobile access in China, brands have to maximize the cost of potential ecommerce market. Brands as potential followers and buyers can reach all the age of 8 to 80, though the young generation still holds a major purchasing power.

Including users to adopt the online shopping habits, increasing the expansion of the Chinese e-commerce market, including a stop apps such as a widget, which includes online payment, ticket booking booking and layout order etc. Promote users. It is not a compulsion to claim that almost all Chinese use is WeChat and Weibo, especially the former app. These great social media remains active on platforms, so Chinese bloggers easily allow many fans of fans and followers to collect.

He is another reason for the success of Blogger from the cultural perspective of the word mouth. China’s customers have great confidence in the holes, and this psychological bond can be partially explained by the social media created by social media. In another word, social media feels as influential friends, as friends, you know they are in real life, and how to share their daily lives with the love of the Lord, Witches, and Live Streaming apps. Are affiliated with.

These days, customers are extremely alert about advertising advertising, but their experiences based on “friends” and fellow clients are recommended to be considered as a soft advertisement. In addition, Sugar Blogger has collected credibility and authority through its expertise as large proportions of victims are in different fields of life in the same or recent professionals before joining this new business.

Chinese followers have generally thought that bloggers’ recommendations are reliable because they believe Cole has put his own position in accordance with this product. It seems to somehow Chinese customers feel comfortable and try to try at least the product

Brandes in the Chinese market felt the impact of the impact business and offered more support, resulting in increased exposure to the media and the social awareness of Colos, as well as increased their authority. . This is the most common case to show the win-win between travel bloggers and luxury brands.

The desire to be unique and the desire to deal with time is encouraged, young Chinese buy big-name products, especially their co-branding or personal products. A journey of influence, which is also known as the former model or part time-time fashion editor, can provide young people with live-fashioned tips and brand-integrated experiences, encourages purchase decisions. Is.

Thus, the latest and limited collection can be presented as an increase in the actual image and strength of the effect, increase the loyalty of followers.

In addition to the viewer’s view, business analysis of Cole also plays an important role in promoting and maintaining popularity of sugar coins. In the past, China’s victims faced obstacles in two major long-term ways: profit mode and stability. Basically the Chinese Impact Marketing, the Multi-Channel Network (MCN) creates a modern form of model influenza matrix. Contrary to many years, when the colloys usually worked individually or in need, collaborated with other influences, today it was influenced, nowadays promote new influence in the autonomous market.

An interactive social media environment (media matrix) is created through communication between accounts of these rebellion, increasing the capacity of followers and adding space for commercial advertisements.

Source: AgencyChina , SMCP , FashionChina