What You Should Know About US Artist Visa

US Artist Visa

If you are an extraordinary artist or celebrity and dreaming to reach the US, you have an excellent chance to walk in the US by obtaining an artist visa or an O-1 visa. The US believes in accepting the crowd which will bring laurels and affirmative impact on the country.

What is Artist Visa USA

An artist visa, USA also called an O1B, a non-immigrant-working visa is issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security. It is granted to those with extraordinary ability or achievement in the field of art, television, and film. The artist visa is provided for three years.


To be eligible for an artist visa, you have to indicate that you are exemplary in the mentioned field, backed by awards, publications, certifications, etc. which denotes your distinction in your field. There are 6 categories and you have to satisfy at least three categories to qualify for the best 01 artist visa.

Relevant Categories

  • Awards
  • Leading Role in Events
  • National or International Recognition in Press
  • Leading Role for Organizations
  • Critical Acclaim
  • Issuance of No Objection Letter
  • High Remuneration


Prepare your full documentation by adding your resume and the documents that prove you to be an outstanding artist in your field, recognized by national or international agencies. At least, you should have the top three pieces of evidence to prove your distinctive credentials.


The spouses or kids of the O-1 visa holder may apply for an O-3 visa, a visa allowing them to accompany the primary visa holder for the duration of their stay in the US. Dependents are granted the right to study but not to work in the US.

Processing Time

No specific time for artist visa USA, it can be processed within a fortnight or can be dragged up to 6 months for the application approval. There is an option to pay additional costs along with the regular cost to expedite your processing. Every artist can’t meet the escalated fees. Once approved, the artist gets an artist visa for three years and he has to book shows and events to justify their stay in the US.

Visa Duration

An artist visa is granted for a maximum tenure of three years. After that, it can be extended on a year to year basis. There is a provision of extending visas for three years increments after applying at the U.S. Consulate in their country, proving that they have scheduled events for the coming three years.

Who can be a Petitioner

Overseas national must have an employer in the U.S.or a U.S. agent as his or her petitioner to apply for an O-1 visa. The aliens are not allowed to file self-petition for the artist visa USA. You are regarded as the beneficiary of a petition filed by your employer or US agent.

Steps to Getting Best O1 Artist Visa

Once the documentation is complete and the firm is satisfied with it, forms and cover letters are prepared to ensure immigration application approval. After that, the petitioner signs the documents and return to the U.S. Consulate and finally, it is sent by us for immigration.


The decision of Best O1 Artist Visa lies in the hands of USCIS. They can either approve or ask for more documentation. Once USCIS is satisfied, the Form I-797 Approval Notice is issued.


Our agency or office will work with the artist on a consular form called DS-160. Scrutiny and screening are conducted to crosscheck the aspirant of an Artist Visa. Once satisfied, the O-1 visa is successfully processed.

Every successful applicant for an O-1 visa should obtain a social security number after they enter the U.S. on an O-1 visa. Moreover, O-1 visa holders are obligated to pay taxes on the income they earn in the United States.