The Healing Power of Massage

Our ancestors from the ancient times enjoyed the healing power of massage therapy as a physical rehabilitation and as medicine. Although nowadays it’s popular as a stress reduction and a relaxation technique, it’s slowly gaining popularity in the medical field as an alternative treatment to traditional medicine. It’s, therefore, a useful and a tried technique that has been used for many years. But what is message therapy?

Massage therapy

When we hear about massage therapy the first thing that often comes to mind is reducing tension in the muscles. Soreness, muscle tension, and stiffness are often the result of a buildup of metabolic wastes or inadequate blood flow in the vessels. Chronic tension in the muscles can reduce the movement of the lymph and the circulation of blood in the areas of the body where it’s prevalent. This means the first job of massage is to release the buildup of toxins and tension in the muscles and to stimulate the lymph to carry the toxins away. This, therefore, brings a lot of benefits to the body.

Benefits of massage

Boost immunity – Massage does not only boost our immune system but it also help us to relax our mind, body and spirit. According to studies, receiving a 45 minutes massage can significantly increase white blood cells whichhelps protect the body. This may also lead to reduced levels of cytokines which is an inflammation hormone and vasopressin that often supports aggressive behavior. As a matter of fact, only one season of massage is sufficient to produce positive changes in both the body’s immune system and endocrine response.

Reduces inflammation and swelling – When the body properly eliminates and metabolizes cellular waste there is less inflammation hence reducing pain and discomfort. This, in turn, reduces the presence of stress hormones, improves sleep, and increases an individual’s range of motion.

Helps manage depression and anxiety – It’s easy to fall into depression and feel anxious when we are going through a difficult time. However, having a massage session can reduce cortisol levels and reduce anxiety. Previous studies have shown that adults who were asked to have a massage for twenty minutes twice a week experienced a shoot in delta waves. This helped them to reduce anxiety and exprienced deep relaxation.

Improved intestinal and digestive function – Just like a massage can improve blood and lymph flow in the body it can also stimulate various bodily secretions and excretions including urine, gastric juice, saliva that eventually improve the digestive function and increase the metabolic rate of the body. This can assist in weight loss and relieve lower back pain that is often common among overweight people.

Wrap up

Well, all these benefits indicate that body massage has far-reaching health benefits. As compared to the cost of addressing stress related conditions such as costly medical prescriptions, it is clear that a well done therapeutic massage that was considered a reserve for the well to do may be the best preventive investment you can have. It’s not only simple but an effective way to heal your body. Those are some of the amzing benefits of having a body massage. Try them today and your body will not be the same.