The Basic Concepts Of Christianity And Getting A Detailed Knowledge Of It

The religion of Christianity emerged when people started believing and living the teachings of Jesus Christ and became his followers. The principles and teachings of Jesus were very simple and it did not ask for any great sacrifices or actions to be done. Jesus always taught people to love each other; his primary mission here on Earth was to make known to everyone, how merciful and loving God, the Creator of the human race is.

Jesus was God’s only Son who was sent to live like a human, suffer and die, just to prove to the masses that God still loved them and was ready to sacrifice his only Son to reconcile with his most beautiful and loved creation. By the suffering of Jesus it was proved that though there will exist difficulties in life, but it is not impossible to overcome those difficulties and emerge victorious.  The concept of one God is the most basic beliefs of Christianity, the God who is the creator as well as the sustainer. God is justice personified, his judgment can never be biased, He loves all things he created but only the humans will be judged.

God to the Christians is the ultimate supreme power who is capable of doing anything, the Bible, which comprises the words of Jesus says, that “if you have the belief of a mustard seed, you will be able to move mountains”. These and the other valuable teachings of the Bible form the basis of the Westside Family Church and the members of this group consider it important to be in close proximity with God to have a joyful life.

Christianity believes in humility, Jesus throughout his life on Earth displayed utmost humility, so much so that even when He was humiliated, He did not raise His voice in protest. He was born in the humble family of a carpenter and always felt compassion for those in need and suffering. He could not bear to see anyone in pain and thus there are so many instances of Jesus healing people and even raising people from the dead.

Having a compassionate heart is another concept of the Christians and that is what keeps one closer to God. When you are rich and have all the luxuries of life, you are lost in the enjoyment of these superficial things and do not have any time for your Creator, to even thank Him. But when you are in pain and suffering you remember God the most. So by staying closer to the deprived and helpless people the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS believe that they are able to find meaning of their existence and earn a sense of well being.

You might be the inheritor of all the riches in the world, but you are still not the inheritor of a peaceful heart and life because of your distance from God. Coming closer to God guarantees you a healthy spirit and eventually a happy mind and life.