What Should You Do When Life Brings You To San Francisco?

What Should You Do When Life Brings You To San Francisco

When your beautiful life brings you to the most enthralling city of the USA, don’t worry about your future and forget the past and live in your present. Not because everything is perfect in SF, but because people in SF know how to celebrate imperfections!

In San Francisco, you are likely to find a lot of smiling faces on the streets, traffic jams not because everyone is in a hurry but because everyone is busy letting the others go before them. San Francisco being San Francisco is home to artists, musicians, and liberal thinkers. Coming back to the point, what should you do when “serendipitously” life brings you to SF?

Listed here are following places/things that you should not miss in SF:

1. Golden Gate Bridge

The exclusive architecture of Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco attracts thousands of tourists each year. People from all over the world fly to SF to marvel this particular bridge, and of course, to take lots of photographs for their Face book profile. The craze of taking photos of this epic bridge is so massive that it has now become one of the most photographed things on planet Earth!

The Golden Gate Bridge is better when crossed on feet or either on a bicycle. Do visit the bridge. Also, if some of you are looking for some bay adventure, then it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with professional private tour companies of San Francisco that offer San Francisco one day tour. Some of these companies will offer you customized tours that include Bay Cruise adventure inclusive of sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

2. Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz, formerly a military prison, is now a splendid tourist attraction. Alcatraz Island, situated in Californian Bay is one of the most visited islands on earth. When you are in San Francisco, you cannot, cannot and really cannot miss the opportunity of visiting this spectacular island. Just like all other popular tourist places, Alcatraz too has ticket reservation policies, which means you cannot get the ferry and entry tickets easily. Bookings are done in advance. There have been incidences when tourists have had to cancel their trip to the island for no availability of tickets. In order to avoid such a disheartening situation, it is advisable to plan the trip.

You can always hire the services of any local San Francisco city tour companies that offer Alcatraz and San Francisco combo tour for their services will help you in arranging for tickets in advance. Whichever way it is, make sure you do not miss out on this memorable island experience in SF.

3. Shopping Trips

Chinatown for souvenirs, Union Square, North Beach, the Marina, and the Palace of Fine Arts should be explored for shopping and enjoying the views. For instance, Chinatown of SF is supposedly one of the largest Chinatowns outside China, known for buying souvenirs from tiny shops, eating authentic Chinese noodles, gawking and taking photos. North Beach, which is not a beach, has wonderful romantic European-style shops. In addition, Union Square too is heaven for serious shoppers. Most of the departmental stores and exclusive designer wears are available at the Union Square of SF. San Francisco sightseeing tours do an excellent job in taking you to the right shopping places.

San Francisco is indeed one of the most magical places on earth. The city offers you some of the most spectacular views, great food and unforgettable experiences.